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SAVE is the leading national organization working for evidence-based policies on domestic violence and sexual assault.

2014 Accomplishments

In 2014, SAVE engaged in numerous activities designed to expose the false claims of the domestic violence and sexual assault industry. SAVE also devoted considerable efforts to the campus sexual assault issue, advancing policies to assure the involvement of criminal justice authorities in campus sexual assault cases.

  1. Mounted 5 media campaigns relating to campus sexual assault:
    • Affirmative Consent, Affirmative Confusion
    • SOS for Campus Rape Panels
    • Is There Such a Thing as Rape Culture?
    • One-in-Five: Regret is Not Rape
    • Affirmative Consent: Banning 99% of All Sex Acts
  2. Developed a model campus sexual assault bill, Safety of Our Students (SOS) Act, requiring that campus sexual assault cases be handled by criminal justice authorities, and held numerous meetings with staffers about the proposed bill.
  3. Organized the Campus Justice Coalition, which opposed the Campus Safety and Accountability Act bill because it failed to require criminal justice system involvement in campus sexual assault cases and ignored fundamental due process protections:
  4. Persuaded the U.S. Department of Education to remove the Affirmative Consent provision from its proposed campus sexual assault regulation, in cooperation with other groups.
  5. Helped establish a working group of attorneys involved in lawsuits against universities on behalf of wrongfully expelled students.
  6. Compiled 600 editorials critical of current campus sexual assault policies:
  7. Successfully lobbied for several changes in the California Affirmative Consent bill, SB-967, in cooperation with other groups:
  8. Sponsored a national opinion poll on Affirmative Consent:
  9. Exposed the biases and falsehoods contained in the Findings section of the proposed International Violence Against Women Act, leading members of Congress to not support the bill.
  10. Pressured AG Eric Holder to modify his false statement that domestic violence is the “leading cause of death” for African American women.
  11. Participated in Domestic Violence Awareness Month, highlighting women’s soccer player Hope Solo and the problem of domestic violence double-standards.
  12. Posted news articles and editorials on SAVE’s website and maintained several Facebook pages on an ongoing basis.

But we have much work to do until all victims are helped, false allegations come to an end, and domestic violence organizations disseminate factual information. Can you help us continue our critical work?

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