End Kangaroo Courts

On April 4, 2011 the Department of Education Office for Civil Rights (OCR) released its Dear Colleague Letter on sexual violence mandating that all criminal sexual assault cases be handled by campus disciplinary committees. Nearly six years later, numerous lawsuits, OCR complaints, editorials, and law professor letters reveal that these campus “kangaroo courts” represent an unprecedented legal failure, and need to be brought to a swift and merciful end, beginning with the repeal of the 2011 Dear Colleague Letter.

The OCR directive has been found to have 10 harmful effects on sexual assault victims, on the wrongfully accused, on universities, and on society at large:

  1. Trivializing the severity of rape
  1. Shortchanging sexual assault victims
  1. Impairing the credibility of future victims
  1. Fomenting injustice to the falsely accused and wrongfully expelled
  1. Promoting biased “victim-centered” investigations
  1. Enabling a controversial “rape-culture” ideology
  1. Curtailing campus free speech
  1. Promoting vigilante justice
  1. Increasing college administrative costs
  1. Undermining legal precepts of due process, the presumption of innocence, and rule of law.

The purpose of the Kick Out Kangaroo Courts campaign is to raise awareness about the inability of campus disciplinary committees to properly investigate and adjudicate sexual assault cases, and to bring about the repeal of the OCR 2011 Dear Colleague Letter.

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