Questionable Cases


Statements Regarding Questionable Cases Prosecuted by ADA Mary Kellett

State of Maine v. Chrisotpher Gilley. “However, prosecuting attorney Mary Kellett presented no physical evidence to the jury. Neither the girl nor her clothing were examined after she made the report.”

State of Maine v. Michael D. Weber. According to defense attorney Steven Juskewitch, “These allegations didn’t even meet the ‘more likely than not’ standards, and the state went ahead with the same evidence to prove ‘beyond a reasonable doubt.’”

State of Maine v. Brian J. Clough. “The girl described the man as ‘an old man in his 60s.’ The defendant in the case, Brian Clough, was 20 years old.

State of Maine v. Scott Oakes. After the defendant was found innocent, prosecutor Kellett told the press, “I don’t buy the ‘she likes it, she wanted it’ defense.”

State of Maine v. Joshua Busby. The testimony of others attending the party consurred that “the woman was being friendly with Busby throughout the night and again the next morning.”

State of Maine v. Shawn A. Robinson. “All testified that the young woman did not seem upset and the two emerged from the bedroom.”

State of Maine v. Raymond Currier. The defense attorney noted that the 16-year-old girl “had fabricated the allegations in order to avoid punishment for misbehavior at home.” The misbehavior included “taking money to school, stealing money from her mother, and lying.”

State of Maine v. Jerome Millary. The case involved an alleged action  that had occurred 10 years previously during the dissolution of a marriage.

State of Maine v. Raymond Currier. According to defense attorney Steven Juskewitch, “I’d like to review it with experts. I think there are some significant lapses of protocol for conducting the forensic interview.” Then prosecutor Kellett attempted to block release of the tapes, stating, “We don’t like to release those tapes. We want to keep close control over these.”