DED Editorials



Following is a listing of editorials published 2011 to 2013 that criticize the Department of Education (DED) Sexual Assault Directive, and call for restoration of due process and free speech on campus:
2013: 198 editorials
  1. KC Johnson: UNC and a Credulous Press — January 19
  2. Pierce Harlan: The State of the Union for the Wrongly Accused is Bleak – January 21
  3. Joseph Cohn: KC Johnson to Journalists: Stop Presuming Guilt – January 22
  4. Amelia Evrigenis: Sexual Violence on Campus: College Lowers Standards of Proof – January 23
  5. KC Johnson: Yale’s Bizarre Sexual Misconduct Hearings – February 1
  6. Community of the Wrongly Accused: American Association of University Professors Stands Up for the Rights of the Innocent in its New Report on Sexual Assault — February 14
  7. Foundation for Individual Rights in Education: New AAUP Statement on Campus Sexual Assault: ‘Clear and Convincing Evidence’ Standard ‘Necessary’ to Protect Due Process, Shared Governance — Feb. 14
  8. Chris Thompson: University Kangaroo Justice and How to Create Criminals out of Innocent Men — Mar. 1
  9. Caitlin McCabe and Liz Crampton: Landen Gambil’s Ex-Boyfriend: UNC Forced Me Out – March 5
  10. William Creeley: Controversy Grows over UNC’s Response to Sexual Assault Claim – March 6
  11. Adam Goldstein: Rape is a Crime, Treat it as Such – March 12
  12. KC Johnson: The Times, OCR, and Student Rape Trials – March 14
  13. Community of the Wrongly Accused: At U. Michigan: Of 38 Rape Allegations, Only 6 Believed to be True – March 15
  14. Stephen Hendrick: Reform College Sexual Assault Policies to Protect Accused Students, Too – March 15
  15. KC Johnson: What the Times Won’t Say About College Sex – March 20
  16. KC Johnson: The Times: Still Biased on College Sex Hearings – March 21
  17. Community of the Wrongly Accused: Self-Proclaimed Liberals Cheer Rolling Back Due Process Rights, but Only for One Class of Citizens – March 22
  18. KC Johnson: A College with Strange Sex Misconduct Hearings – March 29
  19. Garth Kant: No Due Process for College Rape Trials? – April 5
  20. COTWA: Craziness at UNC in Wake of DED Sexual Assault Directive – April 12
  21. Judith Grossman: Unsubstantiated Accusations Against my Son Landed Him Before a Nightmarish College Tribunal – April 16
  22. Harry Lewis & Jane Shaw – Colleges Must Promote Personal Responsibility, Not ‘He-Said, She-Said’ Trials – April 17
  23. William Jacobson: Kangaroo Courts for Men on Campus – April 17
  24. Helen Smith: The War on Men on Campus: Kangaroo Courts and Angry Feminists Await – April 21
  25. Walter Russell Mead: The Secret War on Men? – April 23
  26. Katherine Cusumano and Tonya Riley: Sexual Misconduct Disciplinary Process Alienates Accused – April 24
  27. COTWA: If You are Accused (Not Found Guilty) of a Sex Offense on Campus, Your Government has Instructed your School to Give your Accuser Options to Avoid Contact with You – April 25
  28. KC Johnson: Swarthmore, Occidental, and Their Kangaroo Courts – April 25
  29. COTWA: Cornell Takes Another Step to Make it Easier to Punish Innocent Students – April 26
  30. Ryan Fleming: Lies, Damn Lies, and Rape Statistics – April 26
  31. Catherine Sevcenko: Department of Education’s Latest ‘Dear Colleague’ Letter on Title IX Retaliation is Puzzling – April 29
  32. Walter Russell: Hello, She Lied – May 2
  33. Robert Shibley: Departments of Justice, Education Misquote the Supreme Court – May 10
  34. Hans Bader: Federal Title IX Enforcers Effectively Define Dating and Sex Education as “Sexual Harassment” – May 10
  35. Brian Doherty: “Say Anything Sexual That Offends Anyone on Campus, You Must Be Punished or School Can Lose Federal Funding” – May 10
  36. William Jacobson: The FIRE: “The government has mandated speech codes on all campuses” – May 10
  37. Foundation for Individual Rights in Education: Federal Government Mandates Unconstitutional Speech Codes at Colleges and Universities Nationwide – May 10
  38. Andrew Coulson: Why FIRE is Hot Under the Collar – May 10
  39. Quin Hillyer: I Ask Anurima Bhargave for a Date  May 10
  40. Joanne Jacobs: U.S. Rule Makes Every Student a Sex Harasser – May 11
  41. Hans Bader: Obama Administration Demands Unconstitutional Campus Speech Codes, Defines College Dating and Flirting as ‘Sexual Harassment’ – May 11
  42. KC Johnson: Stanford Abandons Due Process – May 12
  43. Robert Shipley: Feds Make Everyone on Campus a Sexual Harasser – May 13
  44. Eugene Volokh: The Administration Says Universities Must Implement Broad Speech Codes – May 13
  45. Oliver Darcy: Watchdog Group: Feds to Force All U.S. Universities to Adopt Unconstitutional Speech Codes – May 13
  46. Donal Brown: Dating Imperiled by Government Speech Mandate May 13
  47. Joe Carter: Obama Administration Orders Colleges to Implement Unconstitutional Speech Codes May 13
  48. Walter Olson: Tolerate ‘Any’ Unwelcome Campus Sex Talk, Lose Federal Funds May 13
  49. John Leo: Another Washington-Inspired Assault on Free Speech – May 13
  50. Harvey Silverglate and Juliana DeVries: The Feds Mandate Abolition of Free Speech on Campus – May 13
  51. W.F. Price: DOJ Flexes Muscle in Missoula, Throws Shadow Over UM – May 13
  52. Nathan Harden: New Sexual Harassment Rules Threaten Free Speech (VIDEO) – May 14
  53. Mona Charen: Obama Administration Scraps Free Speech – May 14
  54. Gina Luttrell: Diary of Anne Frank Could be Banned Under New Federal Directive – May 14
  55. William Jacobson: The Ignored DOJ Scandal–Anti-Free Speech Codes on Campus May 14
  56. Elizabeth Nolan Brown: Feds May Force U.S. Universities to Adopt Extreme Anti Sexual-Harassment Speech Codes  May 14
  57. Will Creeley: From Lolita to Louis CK, Feds Ban Sex Speech on Campus – May 14
  58. Frank LoMonte: Federal “Harassment” Agreement with University of Montana Exposes Journalists to Risk of Discipline for Writing about Sex – May 14
  59. Kaylin Bugos: Government Opens The Floodgates for College Sexual Harassment Suits May 14
  60. Samantha Harris: New OCR Letter Completely Ignores Earlier OCR Guidance on First Amendment – May 15
  61. Susan Kruth: Otterbein University Scraps Nondisclosure Agreements for Sexual Assault Cases – May 15
  62. Wendy Kaminer: No Sex Talk Allowed – May 15
  63. Hans A. von Spakovsky: Making a Request for a Date Could Be a Federal Crime – May 15
  64. Donald Downs: A Misguided Feminist Agenda Curbs Free Speech – May 15
  65. Mary Lou Byrd: Free Speech Under Fire – May 15
  66. Bob Kellogg: FIRE, ADF Addressing Nationwide Epidemic on College Campuses – May 15
  67. Mary Katherine Ham: By the Way, the Feds also Pushed Super-Broad Speech Codes for Campuses this Week – May 15
  68. Community of the Wrongly Accused: Sexual Harassment on Campus is Now Defined by the Accuser’s Subjective Feelings, Regardless of How Irrational They Might Be – May 16
  69. Peter Lawler: The Obama Administration’s Neo-Puritanical Repression – May 16
  70. Samantha Harris: Federal Speech Code ‘Blueprint': It’s Not Just About Sex – May 16
  71. Washington Times: Repealing Free Speech – May 16
  72. Minding the Campus: Reactions to the Feds’ New College Harassment Code – May 16
  73. Greg Lukianoff: Feds to Students: You Can’t Say ThatMay 16
  74. Ken Masugi: The De-Eroticized University – May 16
  75. Bobby Soave: Holder Imposing Broader Sexual Harassment Definition on Campuses – May 16
  76. Andrew Kloster: DOJ and Department of Education Mandate Orwellian Speech Restrictions on College Campuses – May 16
  77. Blake Baxter: Free Speech Advocates Alarmed by New Federal Sexual Harassment Rules – May 17
  78. Christian Science Monitor: Feds Rooting out ‘Unwelcome Speech’ on Campus: But What is That? – May 18
  79. Joanne Jacobs: Feds to Students: You Can’t Say That – May 19
  80. Community of the Wrongly Accused: College Student Leader: Requiring substantial evidence of a sex offense before a student may be expelled ‘automatically assum[es] the information from the victim is false’ – May 20
  81. Mark Horne: Obama’s New Campus Persecution System – May 20
  82. Deborah Lambert: Federally Regulating Free Speech – May 20
  83. Alan Caruba: Silencing Free Speech on College Campuses – May 20
  84. Glenn Garvin: Welcome to ‘Unwelcome’ Speech on Campus – May 21
  85. Susan Kruth: No, New Sexual Harassment Guidelines Are Not a Positive Step – May 23
  86. Robert Shibley: What First Amendment? – May 23
  87. Hans Bader: How the Education Department Would Limit Dating – May 23
  88. Greg Lukianoff: Federal Mandate Imposes Draconian National Collegiate Speech Code – May 23
  89. William Creeley: How the Federal Blueprint Breaks New Ground – May 24
  90. Jay Schalin: The National Speech Code Power Grab – May 24
  91. Bob Unruh: Feds Define Unwanted Date Requests as Harassment – May 24
  92. David Moshman: Sexual Harassment and Academic Freedom – May 24
  93. George Will: ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Coercion – May 25
  94. Lenore Skenazy: Kicking Non-PC Kids Off Campus – May 26
  95. Cathy Young: More Government Overreach — On Campus Sexual Harassment – May 27
  96. Jennifer Hulehan: Pretty Sure Rape is a Crime – May 27
  97. Azhar Majeed: More Examples of Actionable Sexual Harassment Under the ‘Blueprint’ – May 28
  98. Les Sillars: Obama Administration Proclaims Right Not to be Offended on Campus – May 28
  99. Jon Gabriel: Barack Obama as Dean Wormer – May 29
  100. FIRE: FIRE Response to OCR’s May 29, 2013 Statement to Concerned Citizens – May 30
  101. Mary Lou Byrd: DOE and DOJ Under FIRE – May 30
  102. Will Creeley: Five Questions for the Office for Civil Rights – May 31
  103. Jim Epstein: The Ongoing Battle for Free Speech on Campus: Greg Lukianoff at the Museum of Sex – June 4
  104. FIRE: The OCR Emperor Has No Legal Clothes: OCR Can Only Enforce the ‘Blueprint’ Against University of Montana – June 4
  105. Tampa Bay Times: Harassment Policy Infringes on Speech – June 4
  106. Rob Jenkins: Purging My Syllabus – June 4
  107. Peter Wood: Sexual Harassment–The Feds Go Way Too Far – June 4
  108. Robb Jones: A New Wave? – June 4
  109. Alexandra Petri: As Sexual Harassment ‘Blueprint’ Restricts Verbal Conduct: Things Not To Say On Campus – June 6
  110. Nico Perrino: Unlearning Liberty': Harassment Codes Often Abused to Censor – June 6
  111. Spencer Schredder: Feds Deny Plan to Implement Mandatory College Speech Codes Would Violate Constitution – June 6
  112. FIRE: AAUP’s Committee on Women Expresses Deep Concern about Feds’ Speech Code ‘Blueprint’ – June 7
  113. Samantha Harris: Protected Speech: Nothing to Investigate – June 7
  114. Joseph Kohn: ThinkProgress’ Defense of ‘Blueprint’ Misses the Mark – June 7
  115. Charlotte Allen: The Big Chill – June 10
  116. Susan Kruth: Under New Definition, U of Montana Tutorial is Sexual Harassment – June 10
  117. FIRE: This Crystal Ball is Clear: OCR Cannot Issue a ‘Blueprint’ Without Following APA Rulemaking Procedures – June 11
  118. Eugene Volokh: “Revisiting the ‘Preponderance’ Debate” – June 11
  119. KC Johnson: A Lack of Skepticism on the Higher-Ed Beat – June 11
  120. Robert Shibley: Reporting Your Neighbor’s Speech? Don’t Laugh, It’s Coming To A College Campus Near You – June 12
  121. Azhar Majeed: How Colleges Label Protected Speech as ‘Harassment’–And Why the DOJ and ED Have Made Matters Worse – June 12
  122. David Masciatra: Political Correctness is About to Get Even Worse on College Campuses – June 12
  123. Peter Wood: Gender Inequity Among the Gender Equity Enforcers – June 12
  124. Samantha Harris: A Massive Burden – June 13
  125. Andrea Stagg: Freedom of Speech Lives On – June 13
  126. Christina Hoff Sommers: Sexual Harassment “Blueprint” and Authoritarian Feminism (podcast) – June 13
  127. COTWA: Serious Legal Writing Takes Issue with the Assault on the Rights of the Presumptively Innocent in Campus Sex Charges – June 14
  128. William Creeley: Defending ‘Blueprint,’ SUNY Lawyer Tells Students, Faculty: ‘Trust Us’ –  June 14
  129. Henri Gendreau: The Clash Between Free Speech and Sexual Harassment on the American College Campus – June 15
  130. Carlin Romano: Civility and Sex Speech – June 17
  131. FIRE: Greg Lukianoff on ‘Journal Editorial Report': Universities Should Fight Back Against ‘Blueprint’ – June 19
  132. Doug Lederman: Into the Lawyer’s Den – June 21
  133. Robert Shibley: OCR Descends into Self-Parody in Front of Incredulous College Lawyers – June 21
  134. Susan Kruth: Can the University of Montana Deliver the Constitutional, OCR-Compliant Sexual Harassment Policy It Promised? – June 21
  135. Robert O’Hara: McCain Calls Out DOJ/DED on Sexual Harassment Policy – June 28
July to December:
  1. KC Johnson: Obama’s Sex Harassment Policy for Colleges: Unauthorized, and Very Likely Unconstitutional – July 8
  2. COTWA: Duke Jacks up the Penalty for Sex Offenses – July 9
  3. Samantha Harris: OCR’s Logical Fallacy – July 10
  4. Walter Olson: Sentence First, Verdict Afterward – July 11
  5. KC Johnson: St. Joe’s, Title IX, and Procedural Unfairness – July 11
  6. COTWA: Saint Joseph’s University Sued for Bias by Accused Rapist – July 11
  7. KC Johnson: Why the St. Joe’s Lawsuit Matters – July 12
  8. Savanah Morning News: Feds Join University Campus Speech Police – July 12
  9. Joseph Cohn: Schools Should Realize That ‘Davis’ Is the Solution – July 16
  10. KC Johnson: FIRE Confronts the Justice and Education Departments – July 16
  11. Robert Shipley: Seventeen Organizations Take on the Feds’ National Campus Speech Code – July 17
  12. Cara Gagliano: ‘Meese v. Keene’ Sheds Light on Danger of the ‘Blueprint’ – July 18
  13. KC Johnson: The CJR Urges Biased Journalism in Sexual Assault Cases – July 21
  14. KC Johnson: OCR: More Extreme Procedures Needed in Sex Cases? – July 23
  15. Madeline Gootman – The End to My ‘Sexy’ Academic CareerJuly 26
  16. Ramesh Ponnuru: U.S. Rules on Harassment Defy Reason – July 28
  17. KC Johnson: The Dubious Rape Trial at Vassar – August 1
  18. KC Johnson: Yale Continues to Deny Due Process – August 2
  19. KC Johnson: At Vanderbilt, Rape is a Crime – August 14
  20. KC Johnson: St. Joe’s to Court: Make ‘Dear Colleague’ Letter Unassailable – August 19
  21. KC Johnson: And Xavier Makes Three – August 23
  22. KC Johnson:  Who’s Afraid of Lawyers? – August 27
  23. Hans Bader: Suing over Star Chamber Hearings – August 27
  24. Washington Times: Constitution-Free Campuses – August 27
  25. KC Johnson: New Twist in Swarthmore Title IX Complaint – September 3
  26. FIRE: Federal Slowdown: Departments of Education and Justice Stall Approval for New University of Montana Sexual Harassment Policy – September 10
  27. KC Johnson: The Anti-Male Craziness at Yale – September 11
  28. Cathy Sevcenko: U. of Montana Faculty Criticize Mandatory Reports to Government on Sexual Misconduct Training Attendance – September 27
  29. Stephen Hendrick: The Department of Education’s Title IX Enforcement Hypocrisy – September 30
  30. KC Johnson: Occidental Faculty Suddenly Discover Due Process – September 30
  31. John Leo: The Feds Crack Down on the University of Montana – October 1
  32. Susan Kruth: Swarthmore Students Asked to Volunteer to Be on Sexual Misconduct Hearing Panel – October 10
  33. Susan Kruth: U. of Montana President Didn’t Know Names of Students Who Miss Sexual Harassment Training Would Be Sent to DOJ – October 14
  34. KC Johnson: Swarthmore Dismisses Civil Liberties – October 14
  35. KC Johnson: Campus Sex Hearings Make Convictions Easier – October 16
  36. Robby Soave: DOJ Waves Away Free Speech, Privacy at U. Montana – October 16
  37. Susan Kruth: Another U. of Montana Resolution Deadline Passes While Admins Reconsider Procedures – October 16, 2013
  38. KC Johnson: Vassar Demands Absolute Trust from Courts – October 21
  39. Caroline Kitchens: The Rape ‘Epidemic’ Doesn’t Actually Exist October 24
  40. Tim Bella: Falsely Accused of Rape – October 31
  41. Chris Powell: Amid UConn Rape Furor, Start Explaining Due Process – November 5
  42. Cathy Young: The Hyped Campus Rape That Wasn’t – November 5
  43. Susan Kruth: Smoke and Mirrors: Four Clarifications About the ‘Blueprint’ – November 5
  44. KC Johnson: Myths, Realities, and Common Sense at Texas – November 6
  45. KC Johnson: FIRE Makes the OCR Back Down – November 22
  46. KC Johnson: POLITICO Screws Up on Campus Hearings – December 1
  47. Community of the Wrongly Accused: Scrap the “Dear Colleague” Letter – December 5
  48. Robyn Blummer: A Code That Must Change – December 5
  49. James Taranto: An Education in College Justice – December 6
  50. KC Johnson: The Scandal at Auburn – December 8
  51. Women for Men: America’s Corrupt College Tribunals – December 10
  52. KC Johnson: Let’s Challenge the ‘Rape Culture’ Warriors – December 11
  53. James Taranto: Free Hunter Yelton – December 11
  54. KC Johnson: The Strange Justice of Campus Rape Trials – December 15
  55. John Lauerman: College Men Accused of Sexual Assault Say Their Rights Violated – December 16
  56. CBS: Male Students Use Title IX Discrimination Laws To Fight Campus Sexual Assault Claims – December 17
  57. Cathy Young: Guilty Until Proven Innocent – December 17
  58. Roxanne Jones: Should False Rape Accusers be Sued? – December 17
  59. KC Johnson: Journalism, Campus Procedure, and Biases – December 19

2012 – 52 editorials:

  1. KC Johnson: Patrick Witt and Yale’s Disastrous Failure – February 3
  2. Richard Epstein: Title IX or Bust – February 7
  3. Wendy Kaminer: What’s Wrong with the Violence Against Women Act – March 19
  4. Mike Wacker: Ensuring Legal Protection for All – April 10
  5. Community of the Wrongly Accused: Brett Sokolow: Colleges Now are Expelling and Suspending People They Shouldn’t for Sexual Assault – April 18
  6. Justin Pope: For Colleges, Rape Cases a Legal Minefield – April 21
  7. KC Johnson: The Notorious “Dear Colleague” Letter in Action – April 24
  8. KC Johnson: The Kafka-like “Dear Colleague” Letter Wins at Cornell – April 27
  9. Bob Unruh: False Sex-Assault Convictions Easier under Obama – May 10
  10. William Creeley: ‘Crimson’ Reports on Due Process Concerns as Harvard Revises Sexual Assault Policy – May 14
  11. Duke Cheston: Tilting the Scales on Sexual Violence – May 20
  12. Adam Johnson: Against the Preponderance of Evidence Standard – May 21
  13. KC Johnson: Student Editor Details the Corruption at Brown – May 29
  14. Amy Alkon: Corruption At Brown U: Lowering Standards Of Evidence For Sexual Assault – May 29
  15. Helen Smith: Corruption at Brown U. – May 29
  16. KC Johnson: Star Chamber Hearings at Brown, Yale, and Cornell – May 30
  17. KC Johnson: More on the Rape Accusation at Brown – June 12
  18. KC Johnson: Yale Abandons All Pretense of Due Process – June 17
  19. KC Johnson: The Hollow Nature of the “Dear Colleague” Threat – June 27
  20. Eric Kelderman: Colleges Struggle With Title IX Rules on How to Handle Reports of Sexual Violence – June 29
  21. Azhar Majeed: University Lawyers Frustrated by OCR Mandate – June 29
  22. Community of the Wrongly Accused:  The ‘Dear Colleague’ letter is a Paper Tiger that Colleges Ought to Ignore – July 5
  23. KC Johnson: More Advice on Railroading Males in Sex Cases – July 23
  24. KC Johnson: The OCR’s Newest Target: Xavier University – August 2
  25. Community of the Wrongly Accused: Ex-County Prosecutor says Prosecutor Bowed to Pressure from Victim’s Groups and Charged a Student with Sexual Assault just “To send a Message” – August 9
  26. Stop Abusive and Violent Environments: On College Campuses, Civil Liberties Took a Beating – August 15
  27. William Jacobson: University Without Shame: How Brown Betrayed One of its Students – August 22
  28. Community of the Wrongly Accused: Part I: The University of Montana Deprives Men of Their Right to a Fair Hearing in Sex Cases – September 4
  29. COTWA: Part II: The University of Montana Says Sex after ‘Guilt Tripping’ is Assault, and Why That is Wrong – September 5
  30. Christopher Thompson: Miss Representation – September 5
  31. COTWA: Part III: The University of Montana’s Mandatory Video Series Teaches that Rape is Normalized – September 6
  32. Hans Bader: Education Dept Unlawfully Changes Burden of Proof in College Sexual Harassment Cases – September 12
  33. COTWA: Univ. of North Carolina Rides Roughshod Over the Rights of Presumptively Innocent Men – September 13
  34. Christopher Thompson: University Men Shanghaied by the DOJ – September 14
  35. Robert Franklin: The Inquisition Comes to College Campuses – September 22
  36. Joseph Cohn: Campus Is a Poor Court for Students Facing Sexual-Misconduct Charges – October 1
  37. Gregory Burr: Are Kangaroo Courts Coming to Your Campus? – October 1
  38. Andrew Kloster: VAWA and Double Jeopardy in Higher Education – October 10
  39. Mark Bauerlein: Campus Due Process, Obama-Style – October 11
  40. Pierce Harlan: Proof of Innocence – October 16
  41. Joseph Cohn: Responding in Full to ‘Preponderance of the Evidence’ Advocates – October 18
  42. KC Johnson: Yale’s  New Low and the Sad Saga of Wendy Murphy – October 19
  43. Jason Willick: Guilty Until Proven Innocent: The Devil’s Advocate – October 27
  44. Joseph Cohn and Greg Lukianoff: Stanford Should Think Twice Before Lowering Evidentiary Standard – November 2
  45. Maggie Mellon: Regret is Not Rape: Lessons from an Old-School Feminist – November 5
  46. Community of the Wrongly Accused: The ‘Beyond a Reasonable Doubt’ Standard of Proof is the Reason for the Rape Problem? Seriously? – November 19
  47. Wendy Kaminer: What to Make of the Rape Accusations at Amherst College? — November 21
  48. Chris Thompson: Ladies Night: Constructing a Rape-Prone Culture — November 24
  49. KC Johnson: Wendy Murphy Comes to the University of Virginia — November 26
  50. Andrew Koster: Getting it Wrong on ‘Preponderance’ — November 27
  51. KC Johnson: Russlynn Ali Departs — December 2
  52. Jonathan Turley: Accused Students Deserve ProtectionDecember 5
  53. Adam Goldstein: OSU Demonstrates Why Universities Shouldn’t Handle Sex Assault Claims — December 17

2011 – 42 editorials:

  1. Heather MacDonald: Are One in Five College Women Sexually Assaulted? April 5
  2. Wendy Kaminer: Sexual Harassment and the Loneliness of the Civil Libertarian Feminist – April 6
  3. Hans Bader: Education Department Shreds Presumption of Innocence in April 4 Letter – April 8
  4. Cathy Young: Sexual Assault on Campus–Is it Exaggerated? April 18
  5. Hans Bader: Falsely Accused Teachers and Students will be Harmed May 16
  6. Nathaniel Zelinsky: Title IX and the Death of Free Speech at Yale May 19
  7. Mona Charen: The Tyranny of Hurt Feelings May 20
  8. Harvey Silverglate: What Yale’s President Should Have Said about the Frat Boys May 23
  9. Greg Lukianoff: Yale, the Department of Education, and the Looming Free Speech Crisis May 24
  10. Mike Adams: Crying Rape May 30
  11. Jeffrey Hadden: The Feds’ Campus Keystone Kops May 31
  12. Ilya Shapiro: Due Process Stops at the Campus Gates? June 2
  13. Christina Hoff Sommers: In Making Campuses Safe for Women, a Travesty of Justice for Men June 5
  14. Hans Bader: Civil Libertarians Criticize Ed. Department for Making False Accusations, Campus Censorship Easier June 6
  15. Wendy McElroy: Dumbing Down the Charge of Rape June 7
  16. Hans Bader: Why Cross-Examination Rights Matter in Campus Sexual Harassment Cases under Title IX June 7
  17. KC Johnson: The Star Chamber Comes to a Campus Near You, Minding the Campus: Reforming our Universities June 9
  18. Greg LukianoffThe Department of Education, Yale, And the New Threat to Free Speech on Campus June 15
  19. Michael Barone: Feds Crack Down on Flirting and Sex Jokes June 22
  20. Harvey Silverglate: Yes Means Yes — Except on Campus July 15
  21. Samantha Harris: The Feds’ Mad Assault on Campus Sex July 19
  22. Mike Adams: The Rape of Caleb Warner – July 19
  23. Robert Shibley: A Warning to College Parents and Grandparents August 11
  24. Cynthia Bell: Rape Should be Tough to Prove August 17
  25. Peter Berkowitz: College Rape Accusations and the Presumption of Male Guilt August 20
  26. Harry Crouch: The Death of Due Process for Males August 24
  27. Carey Roberts: Department of Ed Rewrites the Constitution, at the Expense of Men August 27
  28. Robert Smith: On Sexual Harassment and Title IX August 30
  29. Sandy Hingston: The New Rules of College Sex September 1
  30. Daily Times: OCR Guilty of Lowering Conviction Standards – September 1
  31. David Deerson: More Likely Than Not: The Office of Civil Rights’ Encroachment on Due Process – September 1
  32. Dr. Laura Schlessinger: It’s Dangerous To Be A Guy on Campus September 2
  33. Adam KisselColleges Forced to Redefine Speech and Assault Codes, Destroy Civil Liberties September 5
  34. Anna Rittgers: Sometimes, Women Lie about Rape September 7
  35. Phyllis Schlafly: College May be Dangerous for Men September 13
  36. False Rape Society: College Men Beware: If a Woman who Lives in Your Dorm Accuses you of Rape, You are Supposed to be Evicted – October 13
  37. Anonymous College Administrator: An Open Letter to OCR October 28
  38. Libby Jacobson: VAWA Draft Provisions are the Wrong Solution to Sexual Assault on Campuses – October 28
  39. Cathy Young: The Politics of Campus Sexual Assault – November 6
  40. Bob Kellogg: VAWA ‘Harmful for America’ – November 30
  41. KC Johnson: A Black Eye for Brown in a Controversial Rape Case – December 23
  42. Greg Lukianoff: OCR’s April 4 Letter and Opposition in the National Media – December 26