Certainly, attention and sympathy is the top reason, but there are other reasons as well. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall, File)

Social Worker: False Rape Accusations Just a Cry For Help

Women who make false rape and sexual assault accusations are just looking for help, according to a social worker in Boise, Idaho.

Becky Waggaman with Warm Springs Counseling Center told Boise’s CBS affiliate KBOI2 that false accusers are troubled and looking for sympathy.

“Sexual assaults get a lot of attention,” Waggaman said. “They get a lot of media. If that’s [the] primary goal, then that’s what they’re going to go for.”

Waggaman said this was the case even when the accuser is anonymous.

“So it’s still out there, and they can say: ‘That’s me, that’s me,'” Waggaman said, “and they can get a lot of other people involved in their storytelling.”

Waggaman also told KBOI2 that those who make false accusations should get the help they seek.

Waggaman’s comments come after a second sexual assault accusation in Boise proved to be false. And while Waggaman may be correct about men and women who completely make up accusations involving strangers, she misses other reasons people falsely report rape and sexual assault when the accused is known to the accuser.

Certainly, attention and sympathy is the top reason (and people need to start being held responsible for their actions, including in the case of false accusations), but there are other reasons as well.

Some accusers — particularly those on college campuses — make accusations for revenge against a lover who did not want to continue with a relationship. Some accusations come after an accuser cheated on their significant other (the second case linked there involved a woman who slept with another man after a break-up, then claimed she was raped in a bid to get back together with her ex). Some accusations are the result of accusers failing classes or their grades slipping. The Rolling Stone rape hoaxer known as “Jackie” first made up her gang-rape story after being rebuffed by her crush, and only reported it to the school after her grades began to fall.

One woman reported being sexually assaulted only after her motherfound a diary detailing her sexual encounters.

People who lie about one of the worst possible crimes do not need sympathy, they need to be held accountable for their crime — which has a profound affect on the falsely accused and on real victims.

Ashe Schow is a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.

Source: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/social-worker-false-rape-accusations-just-a-cry-for-help/article/2584601