Congressman Alan Grayson Accused of DV, but Aide’s Video May Save Him

MARCH 5, 2014

Freelance reporter Chuck Ross pointed out in a tweet that Alan Grayson had “congressional privilege” in dealing with his wife’s DV accusation, because most of us ordinary guys don’t have aides who can document these kinds of things.

One can’t stress enough how important witnesses are in these situations, because the default assumption, as Chuck pointed out in a subsequent tweet, is that the male is at fault. This is despite the fact that women initiate physical aggression more often than men do in a domestic context. Personally, I am certain that this is because they have the legal advantage, and they know it.

When this scenario plays out with an ordinary man, there are usually no witnesses besides husband and wife. VAWA ensures that the presumption is that the husband is guilty, and demands an arrest. If Grayson had been an ordinary man, he probably would have been either taken to jail or charged with DV by this point. As it is, he’s already been issued a rubber-stamped no-contact order following his wife’s allegations that he beat her and his children.

But Grayson has lawyers on his side. He’s a powerful man, and his wife may not be able to derive the same advantage from accusing the prominent Democrat that your typical American woman could when accusing her considerably less powerful and connected husband. Nevertheless, Grayson is currently under a court order to avoid his wife and children, and may as well be on parole for all the legal restrictions he faces.

I’ve always thought that using these extreme feminist methods to subjugate men is deeply problematic and detrimental to liberty, but for the most part powerful men have been spared the worst of it. Until now, that is. I don’t expect Grayson to ever dare come out publicly against the worst abuses of VAWA, but it would surprise me if this precedent doesn’t alarm a number of congressmen on both sides of the aisle. Where they were perfectly content to let us peons be pushed around and assaulted by police and courts who are ostensibly acting on behalf of women, when it happens to them personally I doubt they will feel the same old complacency.