Wife Cried Rape to Keep her SIX-YEAR Affair Secret Just a Month After her Wedding

Tara Brady
6 February 2014

A cheating wife who cried rape in a bid to keep a six-year affair secret from her husband just a month after their wedding has avoided jail.

Unfaithful Jessica Gore, 32, had only been married to partner Darren, 41, for four weeks when she arrived home later than expected last September.

The newly-wed mother-of-two claimed she had been attacked by a stranger as she walked home from babysitting for a friend.

Her worried husband immediately told her to contact police and report the crime.

Her bogus claim came as police investigated a number of other reported rapes in her local area.

But detectives quickly exposed her lies and found she had sneaked off to meet lover Matthew Richards – just a short walk from her marital home.

Police then uncovered a series of texts on her phone and Gore admitted she had been cheating on her partner for six years.

Gore admitted perverting the course of justice and was given a suspended prison sentence of eight months, suspended for a year.

Judge Heather Norton told her: ‘This wasn’t just a vague allegation. You gave an incredible amount of detail.

‘This was all at a time when there was an ongoing investigation into rapes in the Ashford area.’

On letting her walk free from Canterbury Crown Court Judge Norton added: ‘This is an extremely exceptional case.

‘I do so with some reluctance and it is really by the skin of your teeth.’

Richard Scott, prosecuting, said she left her marital home in Ashford, Kent on the evening of September 24, telling her husband she was visiting a friend called Amanda.

She left the house at 8.15pm and texted her husband saying she had arrived at the property.

But in fact she was in the arms of her lover who the court heard she had had an ‘on-off relationship’ for more than six years.

Mr Scott said: ‘Jessica Gore was lying to her husband at that stage. In fact she had arrived at the home of a Matthew Richards.

‘Mr Gore, washed and shaved, put the children to bed and settled down to watch a film. By this time Mrs Gore was having sex with her lover.’

At 10.10pm Gore left her lover and arrived home 10 minutes later in floods of tears claiming she had been raped.

On the advice of police her husband bagged her clothes before detectives arrived to question her.

Mr Scott added: ‘She gave the police an allegation of stranger rape after being confronted by a man who she had struck.

‘She had then been shoved to the ground and her trousers and underwear were pulled down and she had then been raped.’

But the court heard that her story began unravelling when her friend revealed that she had not been at her house.

Officers then examined Gore’s mobile phone and discovered sexual texts between her and her lover.

Gore told the court she was upset at herself and said ‘things had spiralled out of control.’

She also claimed she had gone to her lover’s house ‘under threat’ as he was going to tell her husband about the affair.

James Ross, defending, said: ‘It was Mrs Gore’s belief that, unless she consented to this blackmail to have sex with him on that particular day, he would tell her husband.

‘In effect, that her lover would pull the plug on her entire life.’

Mr Ross added that Gore was suffering from mental health issues and blamed problems as a child for her difficulties with men.

After her initial appearance in court she was sent to a hospital to be treated for mental health problems.

Judge Norton said: ‘Sadly, in this case, the allegation of rape proved to be untrue but was not admitted until after extensive inquiries had been carried out by detectives, at a time when there was understandable public concern about a number of earlier assaults being carried out in the Ashford area.

‘I would echo the comments by Judge Norton that this strikes fear into the hearts of women and undermines actual victims.’

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2553220/Wife-cried-rape-six-year-affair-secret-month-wedding-avoids-jail.html#ixzz2sf8Mo2BA