Many DV Agencies are Spreading False Facts

A leading domestic violence researcher has found the online fact sheets of many domestic violence agencies around the country contain information that is misleading, inflammatory, and even false. An analysis of 338 fact sheets reveals many contain claims that are not “factual:”

• “According to the FBI, a woman is beaten every (fill in the blank) seconds in the United States” – 34.9% of fact sheets

• “Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women between the ages of 15 and 44” – 26.0%

• “95% of victims of domestic violence are women who were abused by their partner” – 21.3%

• “Battering knows no color other than black and blue” – 12.7%

• “75% of women who are killed by intimate partners are killed after then attempt to leave their batterers” – 8.6%

• “More than 4,000 women are killed each year at the hands of their batterer” – 3.6%

• “Women who kill their batterers receive longer prison sentences than men who kill their partners” — 1.2%

Hines notes, “the proliferation of these false facts can also influence bad decisions on an individual level, such as divorce and child custody cases.” In the end, “the credibility of the movement gets undermined and attention gets diverted away from those who are vulnerable.”

Source: Hines DA. Extent and implications of the presentation of false facts by domestic violence agencies in the United States. Partner Abuse, Volume 5, No. 1. 2014.