Couple charged after bloody domestic violence

January 22, 2014

Officers who responded Tuesday night to a disturbance in Southwest Moultrie found a young child outside on the telephone with 911 and his parents inside the residence covered with blood from a fight.

The child told police his parents were fighting in a residence with an open door, where they found Amanda Marie Williamson in a hallway and Andrew Thomas Anthony in a bedroom.

After restraining the two, officers observed damage of more than $500 to the residence, Moultrie Police Department reports said. Both Williamson and Anthony had a large amount of blood on them and the “house was in total disarray.”

Williamson told police that she started the fight by getting drunk, while Anthony said it was his fault and that he should be taken to jail instead of Williamson. The two never gave a complete explanation of what happened, police said.

Anthony had an injury to his lips that required stitches and he was taken to Colquitt Regional Medical Center and later taken to jail. Williamson refused medical treatment, reports said.

Anthony, 30, and Williamson, 35, were each charged with battery and cruelty to children.

The latter charge was due to children witnessing the disturbance. Police later found that the initial call came from a neighbor’s residence. The woman there said an unknown person who heard screaming coming from the couple’s residence came to her house where she used her telephone to call 911.

Police turned the child who had the telephone and another child who was inside over to the Colquitt County office of the Division of Family and Children Services.