Dear Friends,

Recently, Washington Post’s Fact Checker reported that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s claim that “intimate partner homicide is the leading cause of death for African-American women ages 15 to 45” was so outrageous it could qualify for their notorious “Four Pinocchios” rating.

The misinformation doesn’t end there. Over the last few months, we have reviewed the Fact Sheets of seven leading domestic violence organizations for accuracy and completeness. They have all failed.

We also looked at the Findings in the recently introduced International Violence Against Women Act. Of the 16 findings, only 3 could be verified to be truthful. The rest were one-sided, misleading, or false.

Sheryle Hutter of Colorado said it best when she said, “Victims of partner abuse are not served when domestic violence groups knowingly disseminate one-sided and false information. Lawmakers should assure that anti-abuse programs are based on reason and science, not a biased gender ideology.”


Teri Stoddard, Program Director
Stop Abusive and Violent Environments

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