Living With Crazy: My Experiences of an Abusive Wife (Myopia and Manipulation)

By Michael Farris and TiMoThy Baghurst

In general, male accounts of female abuse in relationships are uncommon, not because they don’t happen, but because men are less likely to express their experiences (Allen-Collinson, 2009). In this third installment of the frank account of the experiences of one male living with an abusive spouse, several key topics are discussed. First, an example of threatening suicide to control the husband is detailed. Second, the experience of being accused of infidelity in a public setting is recounted, and third, how pornography can negatively impact a marriage. These accounts, while individual specific, provide insight into the struggles of dealing with an abusive wife alone, the threat of being wrongfully accused of abuse, and the challenges and decisions that are faced when self-harm is used as a manipulator. The purpose, therefore, is to provide other men who are experiencing or may experience such abuse the opportunity to recognize signs in order to better resolve the situation.

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