America’s Corrupt College Tribunals

Women for Men
December 10, 2013

If you read the mission statement of WFM, you’ll note we mention what’s happening in college tribunals across this country. We point to this story by Judith Grossman, published in the Wall Street Journal earlier this year.

Now there’s been another story published (also in the WSJ) about the corrupt nature of college tribunals, where ”clear and convincing evidence” has been replaced with ”preponderance of the evidence.” The most shocking part of the story is the statement by Susan McCallister, an associate director with the campus police who doubles as a “safe-harbor advocate” for purported sex-crime victims. ”As a safe-harbor advocate, I really don’t need to know a lot of details, and so I didn’t ask her to go into great detail,” Ms. McCallister said. “I don’t really want survivors to have to tell their story over and over again.”

In other words, a so-called professional who’s hired to represent, or “be an advocate for,” the supposed victim of a sex crime doesn’t even know herself what happened. Um…what?