Dear Friends,

Last week we announced that during DV Awareness Month our Truth Team is taking a look at the accuracy of VAWA-funded groups’ Fact Sheets. This week we’re giving you the results of our first review.

Truth Team reviews NNEDV, score: FEven though hundreds of peer-reviewed studies show that men and women engage in partner aggression at similar rates, the National Network to End Domestic Violence never mentions this fact in their “Fact Sheet.” There are many other factual errors, as well.

We wonder how the NNEDV can remain so unaware, when the news features horrifying stories of women dismembering their ex-husbands, and cases like Jodi Arias who fatally stabbed her boyfriend nearly 30 times.

We believe that your hard-earned tax dollars should be paying for accuracy. Contact the NNEDV and ask them to update their Fact Sheet.

Contact NNEDV:

  • 202-543-5566



Teri Stoddard, Program Director
Stop Abusive and Violent Environments

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