One Safe Place Working to End Domestic Violence against Men and Women

Tracey Leong
July 26, 2013

Redding, Calif. – In the United States, 15 percent of domestic violence reports are against men. However, the CDC says in a conflicting survey it was much higher, 40 percent in fact.

Many men who suffer domestic violence don’t say anything because of the stigma attached and the lack of resources available. One safe place is working to change that. With the recent rise of domestic violence in Shasta County, the center is hoping to reach out to everyone affected by abuse.

“Men are abused also, and that’s why the Shasta Women’s refuge and Justice Center recently changed their name to One Safe Place,” said One Safe Place Director of Client Services Michael Burke.

Since the recent name change, Burke says more men have come in for help.

“It’s not just about women and families it’s about men and people in dating violence, about any type of family violence or sexual assault that happens in our community,” said Burke.

Often times women don’t report abuse because they are scared, for men it’s the same reason. However, many men also fear people won’t believe them.

“We have to take a stand and say we don’t think any type of violence is right,” said Burke.

At the beginning of the year, Burke says they made a call to men to join the fight against domestic violence.

“Engage the 85 to 90 percent that would never lay a hand on a woman in anger to take on the 10 percent that would,” said Burke.

Burke has been with the center for more than three years, he says the recent rise in abuse is concerning and it is an issue that needs to be addressed by everyone.

If you or a person you know are a victim of domestic violence or abuse you can contact One Safe Place- in Shasta County: 244-0117 or Shingletown area: 474-1910. You can also visit their website for more information: