How to Win When the System is Up Against You

By Vladek Filler
June 22, 2013

All I wanted to do in 2007 was to save my children and move them to a healthy environment. Instead I found myself fighting the entire legal system for my life and for my children’s lives on more than 3 different fronts at the same time. Simultaneously I fought Assistant District Attorney’s criminal charges, the State’s child protection charges, and my wife and her 2 attorneys in the divorce and custody battle. I fought 3 protection from abuse complaints which she filed for the children in two separate counties, cooperated with 2 different Guardian Ad Litems (one hired by the State and the other hired by my wife), struggled to pay for legal representation, and for long periods of time was forced to represent myself and my children Pro se.

I was put through a multi-count criminal jury trial, a false conviction, a reversal, a State’s appeal, a divorce hearing right in the middle of the criminal appeal, a divorce appeal, a multi-count criminal retrial, a second criminal appeal, and many other related legal battles that continue to this very day.

And throughout the past 6 years of these battles I have continued to maintain sole custody of my two sons and I continue to care and protect them to the best of my ability to this day.

And so the issue I was invited to talk about today was how to win when the system is against you.

First of all, there is no winning in these kinds of situations where the system is against you. Not really. Maybe a better way to term this is ‘how not to lose everything’. The answer is you must fight. You only lose when you don’t fight. But there is also something we could do to win in the long term, and I’ll share my thoughts about that as well.

But first about fighting.

I was brought here as a child in 1979. I remember the Soviet Union but I grew up in Boston. Today I don’t recognize the America I grew up in. And I fear that if we do nothing the nightmare that is unfolding will make what we have now look like the good ole days. We must act now and choose to fight injustice and corruption otherwise we condemn our children and our children’s children to a system of abuse and oppression that is unfolding and evolving right before our eyes.

What are you going to do when the system can so easily be turned against you and your children? It can be used to take your children in a heart beat–I don’t think people realize how easily that can be done. It can drain all your family’s assets. It can be used to destroy you and your reputation, have you arrested, held in jail, prosecuted, and convicted even when you are innocent.

What are you going to do about it?

Many in that system believe that eventually you are going to do nothing about it–that you will just take it. Eventually most people are worn down and give up their fight if they had one in them to begin with.

And more and more the system is in our private lives. As difficult as it may be for some families just to function, or go through a divorce, we currently have an extra judicial system of organizations in place which are helping to promote chaos and destruction of families by enabling and weaponizing desperate, or vindictive, and often mentally unstable people. Instead of stopping toxic people, they are turned loose on their partners, on their children, on the police, and on the court system.

And too often the media helps radical forces attack and bully police officers, lawyers, and judges whenever they stand up to protect our constitutional rights. I have seen some decent and brave police officers, lawyers, and judges, and it is an amazing sight to see.

But the advocates of the “Victimhood Industries” are not here to solve any problems–that’s not what they are here for. They are in a subversive business of promoting disinformation, social tension, hatred, and destabilization. There was a time decades ago when KGB used to fund these types of subversive groups to destabilize and reshape social, legal, and political institutions. The so called “Liberation and Equality” movements have been used as weapons of destruction for a very long time. Most people don’t know that part of history. Those who understand what is happening in America have an obligation to fight what is being unfolded on us, on our families, and our children.

So what do you do when people are systematically having their children taken, their freedom taken, their rights taken, and they get endlessly worn down by the system to accept that their rights are nonexistent and that everything is a matter of someone’s personal discretion? What do you do when that is being systematically normalized?

We may all have better things we rather do or ways to find an escape from reality, but if we understand what is happening is injustice, then we must fight to change things. We need to try to put an end to the nightmare here and now for all our children’s sake.

We only lose when we give up fighting. So long as we keep fighting, we never lose.

Giving truth and justice a voice helps put corruption on notice. Truth is very powerful but it is difficult to get the truth out. We are living in a time when there is a war on truth and free speech. Many people have been lied to, manipulated, and conditioned for so long that they don’t understand what is going on all around them. I hope that what happened to me and my family can help raise awareness.

If there is a lesson to take from my case about “winning”, it is that I am just one man who should have been crushed by the unlimited power of the State long ago had I not had a powerful weapon–a very strong family. A strong family, therefore, is a far more powerful force than the State and it is the foundation of strong communities and a strong nation.

I have always unconditionally loved and did what I had to do to protect my children, and in return they trusted and loved me back. I have been blessed with a strong family with total loyalty and trust. Anyone who knows us, knows that if you mess with one of us you mess with all of us. That is how my mother raised us. Neither a family nor a community can be divided and conquered, if it stands all for one and one for all. So when others, with whatever corrupt motives they had, chose to unleash hell on me and my children, we always kept our heads and hearts in the right place from the word ‘go’.

And some who have followed my case believe that my family’s strength and unity in our fight has in some little way helped unite a community of organizations to stand united together for justice with one voice. I could not be more grateful to everyone and I pray history will show that my suffering and that of my family was not for nothing, that instead it helped unite people to take a stand together.

And I hope that is a lesson we all take away from my case that united we will stand and they will fall; united we survive and they are defeated; and united we defend our inalienable God Given Rights as sovereign individuals, parents, families, and citizens of a Constitutional Republic.

I sometimes wonder, what does the opposition really know about family anyway?
What do they know about loving children or even having them?
What do they know about men and women?

I pray that strong families such as mine will restore strong communities. And what is family if not the foundation of community strength? My mother taught us to love each other, stick together, and always be there for each other. My sister Tatyana is here with me right now. And we try to teach our children about the importance of family.

Here is my personal definition of what constitutes a strong family:

1. Absolute Love
2. Absolute Loyalty
3. Absolute Trust

You have a strong family if you have all 3 of those things. The State could never be a replacement for family and it could never be stronger than family because it could never have those 3 things. It could never be a parent to our children. There are some in the system that corrupt, threaten, and even bribe family members in order to destabilize and undermine it. Maybe it’s because the stronger the family, the weaker the system.

Vladek FillerLast Sunday was father’s day. I woke up to my 7 year old hugging and kissing me and wishing me a happy father’s day. He arranged a mountain of gifts around me which he took upon himself to make and buy during the past few weeks in preparation for father’s day. With his permission I brought one of them with me to share with you.

This is a little toy heart. My son gave it to me for father’s day with this note which reads “I love you with all my heart”. Despite all that my little boy has been put through, he has unconditional love, loyalty and trust which the system tried to take away from him and his family.

Never ever ever give up. Fight for what is right. Teach our children unconditional love, loyalty and trust in family and we will always win when the system is against us. That is how to win.

Presented at the 2013 SAVE/CPI conference on false allegations. Vladek Filler © 2013