Dear Friends,

candleI am sorry to bring this sad news. The world has lost a dedicated domestic violence victim advocate. Earl Silverman, founder of the Men’s Alternative Safe House (MASH) passed away on Friday, April 26.

Earl spent twenty years advocating for male victims. And for the last few years he used his own home in Calgary to shelter men. He did this, he said, because as a prior victim he experienced being turned away by abuse programs that only help women.

Earl Silverman simply wanted acknowledgement of male victims of domestic violence, an end to misinformation about DV, and funded abuse shelters for men. He never saw the completion of his dream. But that doesn’t mean we never will.

If you live in Canada, consider donating to the Earl Silverman Center. If you live in the US, consider donating to SAVE, because inclusion is very high on our priority list.

Do you work in a domestic violence program? Do you serve every victim equally, no matter their gender or sexuality? We want to help you accomplish that.

Please visit the Inclusive-VAWA Resource Center. (

Earl Silverman

With a heavy heart,


Teri Stoddard, Program Director
Stop Abusive and Violent Environments