LETTER: Violence Against Women Act steps on due process

By Erik B. Anderson
March 07, 2013

The problem is not that the Violence Against Women Act discriminates against men by not “protecting” alleged victims who are men. It’s that it purports to be protecting “victims” against so-called “abusers” without allowing the due process of law to determine exactly who is a victim and who is an abuser.

Since complaints of this nature are now heard in family court instead of criminal court, the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard is replaced by the much less stringent “preponderance of evidence.” Restraining orders and protection-from-abuse orders can be granted without the accused even knowing about the complaint, much less able to defend against it.

And what a scandal if anyone objects! After all, if you’re against VAWA, your political opponents can say you are for violence against women!

This is not a free country.

Source: lehighvalleylive.com