VAWA Bullies

Laura Wood
Jan. 6, 2013

IN THIS interview [] with Jennifer Granholm, Tricia Rose, a professor from Brown University, expresses disbelief that the Violence Against Women Act was not reauthorized by the 112th Congress. But here’s the astounding part. The Ivy League professor maintains that Republicans did not want to move the bill because they did not want to protect Native American women who are “violated” by white men on tribal lands.

Granholm, without flinching before this fat lie, says Republicans believe Native American women are not “human enough.” And Rose, who looks ridiculously un-professorial in a silky purple blouse, reminds us that whites stole Indian lands.

These two well-dressed bullies are utterly at home with lies. For them, the ends justify the means. A domestic violence bill that presumes every man is a potential wife-beater is so inherently and undeniably good that any falsification of the truth, even the patently false claim that white men are routinely “violating” Indian women, is justified.

Rose is a professor of Africana studies and receives generous grants from major foundations for her virulently anti-white activism and mind-blowing ignorance. Her entire career is proof of the power women and nonwhites possess. Both Rose and Granholm are shocked that the whole world is not up in arms that VAWA has not been reauthorized and they blame it on a conspiracy to deprive young women of the enlightened truths of feminism.