The problem with VAWA

By Edward Steven Nunes

This country never needed a Violence Against Women Act — unless Congress was considering legalizing false allegations against men. At that point, they could have defined domestic violence so that its definition would be the same in every state, but they did not.

So Congress decided that their legislation must do more to deprive men of their homes and property. That is why they continued to allow prosecutors the right to continue their practice of falsely charging men for violating orders that did not, nor ever existed.

This legislation simply provides the ways, means, and the funding to disenfranchise men. So nearly a billion dollars a year is not chump change, especially when the government uses it to disengage and disenfranchise an entire gender.

Vice President Biden recalled that when VAWA was first passed, its opponents had warned that lawyers and the courts would misuse it in divorce. They were right. Many women lie to deprive men of their rights and property. Moreover, the courts have never punished a woman for lying about rape, child abuse, or spousal abuse. That is why some people call the “abuse card” the silver bullet. It solves a problem by giving women primacy in matters of controversy — he said, she said — and by doing that, they opened the bottle of the wicked Jinn.

Source: Times Herald