Wailuku woman accused of trying to run over man with pickup truck
Irene Evans faces attempted murder and property damages charges

Oct 26, 2012

WAILUKU, Maui — Maui police say a 36-year-old Wailuku woman tried to run over her boyfriend with a pickup truck after he tried to break up with her.

Patrol officers responded to an apartment on North Market Street around 4 p.m. on Thursday in regards to an “Abuse in Progress” call.

Maui Police Department spokesperson Lt. Wayne Ibarra reports witnesses told officers who arrived on scene that the victim and Evans had been in an argument that started inside the apartment and continued in the parking lot.

Witnesses told officers Evans got into her pickup truck, and tried to run the victim over. The victim was able to jump onto the hood of the truck, breaking the windshield glass. The man sustained minor injuries to his head and shoulders.

Witnesses say Evans then drove her truck into the victim’s car.

Police say the compact sedan suffered $3,000 in damages.

Evans has been charged with Attempted Murder II, and Criminal Property Damage. Her bail was set at $51,000.

Source: kitv.com