Crackdown on Domestic Violence Fugitives

By Lupita Murillo
Oct 16, 2012

TUCSON – A sweep of Domestic Violence fugitives in Pima County as the Domestic Violence Task Force knocked on doors looking for men and women who failed to show up in court or who have run from police.

The Pima County jail is the first stop for the fugitives who are being held accountable for their actions.

Armed with arrest warrants about 20 teams of investigators from the Sheriff’s Department, County Attorney’s Office and the Probation Department covered the county.

They were in search of fugitives such as 62-year-old Jesse Wagner.

Wagner is charged with assault. When investigators knocked on his door, he immediately knew why they were there. He was asked why he didn’t go to court, his response, “I’ve been out of town.”

Sgt. Jeffery Bonds who heads the Domestic Violence Unit says, “Every time someone is located victims services is plugged in and is made aware of that so they can have contact with the victim and insure their safety is maintained.”

Not everyone arrested was as cooperative as Wagner. Detective Josie Sabori says, a female fugitive she arrested, became very uncooperative.

The past six years, the Governor’s Office for Children Youth and Families has funded this operation.

The “Stop Violence Against Women” Grant also pays for several detectives in the Domestic Violence Unit, and in the County Attorney’s Office to make the task force possible. More than 2,000 arrests have been made since 2007.

Over 1,600 warrants still need to be served and the Domestic Violence Task Force will continue searching for the fugitives, all in an effort to keep the victims and the public safe.

Source: KVOA