University men shanghaied by the DOJ

By: Christopher Thompson

September 14, 2012

Last year on the University of Montana campus, then reported the safest in the Nation, an inebriated young woman sauntered up to the star quarterback and his friend at a school dance proclaiming “Jordy, I would do you any time!” Months later this small town American lifestyle, a bastion of higher education, was sabotaged by the Department of Justice who report nearly 90 sexual assaults in the previous three years, two of which are allegedly substantiated against U of M football athletes.

One of the players recently pled guilty and his actions must be punished, but ten years in prison for the mistake of a chemically dependent young man seems a bit harsh. But I digress, I want to focus on the “cherry-picked” evidence used to apparently wrongfully prosecute the second athlete and the subsequent Department of Justice intervention to forcefully implement the Department of Education’s “Dear Colleague” letter.

On April 7, 2011 the Department of education distributed the now infamous “Dear Colleague” letter that removed the “presumption of innocence” standard we have come to enjoy as Americans, replacing it instead with the lower “preponderance of evidence” standard. This obvious violation of civil rights has been denounced by many so I needn’t do so here. However, one year later the Department of Justice apparently created the illusion of a “rape prone culture” on the campus of a quaint Montana town to “send a message” and implement the disturbing provisions of the Dear Colleague letter.

One result of this obvious display of power was the creation of the Personal Empowerment Through Self Awareness (PETSA) training videos recently implemented at the U of M. In pursuit of a higher education, all students must watch the series of nine videos and complete a quiz with 100% accuracy to enroll. Of the myriad of false claims and outright lies, the two I will address here can be found in videos one and four, “the Law” and “Myths and Facts” respectively.

“The Law” states that “sex without consent is rape” and that “a person cannot consent if they are…physically helpless for any reason including alcohol or drug intoxication, overcome by deception, coercion, or surprise”, clearly mirroring the “Dear Colleague” statement that” sexual violence is…where a person is incapable of giving consent due to the victim’s use of alcohol or drugs”. Aside from expanding the oppressive ”Dear Colleague” agenda, take a moment to apply these provisions to the aforementioned quarterback and his female courtier. It was clear she was intoxicated and, applying the recent U of M objectives, he most certainly would have been a rapist had he taken her up on the offer.

Months later the two planned to watch movies at the women’s house; she had to give the quarterback a ride as he had been drinking. There is absolutely no question she was sober and he had been drinking, it is also a fact the two had intercourse that night. What is at question in this typical he said-she said rape debacle is if she consented that night. Applying the U of M provisions utilized above leaves one wondering why the prosecuting attorney has not pursued charges in this documented rape, conversely opting to attack the victim and destroy his life.

Video four. “Myths and Facts” states “Myth: People lie about sexual assault…Fact: The vast majority of sexual assault reports are true”. I contacted PETSA Instructor and Women and Gender Studies professor Danielle Wozniak regarding the seemingly incongruent statements, and was told “As per FBI reports, two percent of sexual assault reports are untrue, not even enough to mention”, she failed to provide any documentation to corroborate this statement. I began to research it myself to find Wendy McElroy, a leader of the modern Feminist Movement, reviewing FBI lab reports to find 20-40% of sexual assault cases are false, the PETSA videos have yet to be changed.

Recently, I found this scourge of lies and deception has spread to my alma mater, Montana State University, under the direction of Matt Caires who, rather ironically holds a doctorate in Mens Studies. This branch of study, often referred to as women telling men how to be men, is being supplanted around the globe by the emerging Male Studies curriculum. I have contacted U of M president Royce Engstrom and Montana State University Dean of Students Matt Caires regarding the atrocities occurring on their respective campuses, as well as implementing the more applicable Male Studies curriculum, I have yet to hear from either. In the interim, I will instruct all male university students to stay as far away from the misandraic Montana University System and its oppressive regulations.

Source: examiner