Open Letter from Gordon Smith to Delaware Lawmakers

This letter goes to all members of the Delaware State Senate and House of Representatives:


My name is Gordon Smith, you may be aware of me from the past three years of my incessant emails, editorials, demonstrations, Family Law Commission speeches, and guerilla interview attempts with certain politicians.

On Saturday morning September 1, 2012 — at the risk of sounding overly dramatic — I was given my life back. Tiffany Marie Smith was finally arrested and all of the charges of the past month that she had falsely initiated against me were dropped.

The arrest of this individual vindicated me. For three years, I attempted to bring this abuse of the system to the attention of state lawmakers, only to be snubbed and ignored.

So yes, this is my long-awaited and hard-fought vindication. But more than just my personal vindication – it is an indictment of a system that for three years allowed and enabled one person fraudulently to exact 14 attempts to arrest, 9 successful attempts to arrest, and 14 civil Protection From Abuse orders.

If it matters not to you that innocent people are being openly prosecuted, civil rights being walked on, and their lives wrecked, then please factor this in and allow it to appeal to your sense of fisal responsibilty . This one person literally wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars of police and judicial resources.

Ask yourselves this question – is this an anomaly?… an aberration?

No! I argue that my personal tragedy (in which I was unjustly barred from my two young sons – 5 and 6 years old) is but the tip of the iceberg.

I propose that legislation be introduced that will assure that the true victims of domestic violence be protected, but also safeguards be implemented that will protect the innocent from going through what I did.

Gordon Smith

(As a note – I will be having a hard copy of this letter placed in each State Legislator’s mail slot in Legislative Hall)