Victim Advocates Speak Out on False Allegations

False allegations have become a major barrier to victims of sexual assault getting the help they need. As trivial claims clog the system and consume scarce resources:

  • Victims are less likely to report the crime because they worry they won’t be believed
  • Police are less likely to investigate
  • Jurors are less likely to believe the victim
  • Shelters and other social services are forced to turn persons away

Now, a growing number of victim advocates are speaking out on the problem of false allegations:

  • Rape is No Joke: “Enormous damages are done by making a false allegation of rape”
  • DA Hallie Dixon: “False reporting…can be detrimental to the prosecution of legitimate crimes.”
  • Judge Kevin Kilrane: False accusers do “tremendous damage to genuine victims of rape who are going to be undermined.”
  • Judge Stephen Hopkins: “Every false allegation of rape increases the plight of those women who are genuinely victims of rape.”
  • Justice Enriques: “False complaints of rape necessarily impact on the minds of jurors trying rape cases.”
  • Community of the Wrongly Accused: “It is our experience that rape victims have no tolerance for rape liars.”
  • Columnist Andrea Peyser: “This could present a huge problem for future rape victims.”
  • Columnist Myron Pitts: “Real victims of assault are never helped by phony claims. It is already difficult enough for women to report to police such a traumatic experience.”