My Son was Falsely Accused and Wrongly Convicted

Shirley Kelley
August 28, 2012

My son was falsely accused and wrongly convicted. He has been in prison for 4 years. All a girl has to do is say that someone touched her, and the man is gone. The mother of his children, who was gone for 4 years, decided she wanted them back for the welfare she could get from them, and she got her teenaged daughter to lie, and with the help from her detective friend,within 3 days they got a sealed indictment, threw him in jail on a million dollar bond, then took her for a rape test, and found that her hymen was intact, with no rips no tears and no notches.

Yet he was charged with 58 counts and after 2 years of coaching, she told the most incredible lies in court, and they even paid his attorney off, and he did not help him at all. She jumped the justice system, and he is innocent, and trying to appeal his case…with the vindictive prosecutor trying to stop him at every step.

This goes on all the time.

When are they going to stop letting women lie on men, and the women are free to do what they want, and the men are locked up like a caged animal, in this case his sentence was 39 years. He lost his first appeal, because of attorney error. They came in my house without knocking, and took the children and gave them straight to her…and he has not seen them for 6 years. He was the best father and they loved him dearly.

She was a stripper, a prostitute, and was on probation for 6 years for selling cocaine. This did not matter. He had a beautiful home for them….she lives in a run down shack with her boyfriend. This woman made all of the accusations, and they hid the police report, and we have never been able to find it. The police erased 247 files from the computer, and added almost as many. They added 25 pictures to it the day of the trial, which made it 58 counts instead of the 33 at first. This is overkill. The pictures they added had no times or dates. We had proof that he was not even there when the other pictures were taken…and the atty did not show any of his evidence.

All of the lies they told…we had proof to back them up, that they were lies, and he never used any of it. My son could not testify…he would not let him…and he would not let me be in the courtroom. He would not call any of his witnesses…only 4 out of 25, and there was no evidence of any kind…she got to say everything…and he got to say nothing. They got by with perjury, and they tampered with evidence..and he never had any police record, but the prosecutor told the jury he had a history of domestic violence..and the judge did not know that he did not have a police record, until after he sentenced him.

They drug the transcripts out for 18 months, and they erased parts from them, such as when they had a nurse practitioner get up there and say that a 5 year old girl could accomodate a coke bottle and her hymen would still be intact. They said a woman could have a baby and still have her hymen. This is a nightmare. My son has never drank any liquor, smoked any cigarettes, and he has never done any drugs in his life. He is a Christian, and a good person. Those children need their dad.

These women have to be stopped. Too many mens lives have been ruined by lies. Too many children are being kept from their fathers, and are living in poverty. This woman don’t work…she is living off the childrens welfare. My son owned his own business and paid for everything for them. He even took care of her daughter, that she also left for 4 years, like she was his own. Then she got her to stab him in the back, to get rid of him, so she could get them back.

This happened in Rutherford County Tennessee, and it has the most corrupted police system in the state, and the most corrupted Justice system…there is NO JUSTICE. The girl went straight to live with her mom and was meeting boys on the internet and she was sleeping with them when she was 16…and got pregnant by one. She could not do that at my sons house. They made all of his charges aggravated also. They were at my house every day. She was never abused.

His son took up for him the night they took them away, and he was interviewed. After 2 years of coaching he lied on his dad….then cried and cried. He will never be right over this. His little girl would not lie. This is a nightmare that has cost me thousands of dollars and it is not over, yet. Our lives have all been ruined.