August 27, 2012

Letter to Delaware State Police and State Attorney General

“To enhance the quality of life for all Delaware citizens and visitors by providing professional, competent and compassionate law enforcement services.” ~ Delaware State Police Motto

This is an open letter to the Delaware State Police, including Colonel Robert Coup. It is also addressed to the Delaware State Attorney General’s Office under Attorney General Beau Biden, the son of Vice President of the United States Joe Biden. In addition, this is further addressed to Corporal Detective Mark Csapo of the Delaware State Police, and Judges Tracy Warga and Charles Welch of Kent County, Delaware, along with Kent county chief prosecutor Kenneth Haltom.

Currently, law enforcement functionaries, including Office of the State Attorney General and the state’s police force, are engaged in a campaign of abuse and legal terror against a citizen, Gordon Smith. Mr. Smith has been arrested 8 times on 13 accusations from one person, his former wife, Tiffany Marie Smith.  All those accusations stem from a divorce custody dispute, none of them proven, and at least two of the accusations are known by police to be patently fraudulent. Yet the State Police and prosecutors continue to harass Mr. Smith.

In response to the repeated false arrests, Mr. Smith has filed a lawsuit against the Delaware State Police. Rather than this being viewed as his right under the rule of law, State Police and prosecutors have apparently engaged in a campaign of revenge, seeking to punish Mr. Smith further with continued unwarranted arrests, in an attempt to bully him into silence.

This series of charges and accusations is driven by the malice of Tiffany Marie Smith, an individual who has experienced no consequence to date for her two year long pattern of manipulating police to harass and abuse her former husband, and to abuse his children.

How can police and prosecutors continue to ignore the accumulating documentation of false and spurious accusations from one member of the public? This manipulation of police and prosecutors is by a single person who has learned that police officers, prosecutors and judges are no more than instruments of her personal revenge for a marriage gone bad.

Are you not human beings with intelligence, judgment and basic human decency? The torment being inflicted on Mr. Smith has passed beyond absurdity to something even the word “obscenity” is inadequate to describe.

At present, Mr. Smith wears an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet, although he has been convicted of no crime. We were not aware this was even possible in America. Who signed an order to attach an electronic shackle to Mr. Smith without any conviction against him? That would be Judge Charles Welch of Kent County Delaware. What possible justification excuses this gross abuse of Mr. Smith’s fundamental human rights?

Most recently, the former wife of Mr. Smith “discovered” a threatening note on the windshield of her car. It was placed and discovered at a time when Mr. Smith’s  monitoring bracelet showed him to be far away from that note’s location. Rather than recognizing the obvious possibility, given her known lies, that the ex-wife wrote and placed that note herself, Delaware State Police Detective Mark Csapo congratulated Mr. Smith for having his imaginary accomplices place the note on his behalf.

Should the world now regard Delaware as a place where the rule of law has given way to rule of proxy revenge and hubristic abuse by public officials?

In each of the eight times Mr. Smith was arrested, investigation showed the accusations leading to those arrests to be unproven or fraudulent. Are the prosecutors and police professionals in your state incompetent or are they simply corrupt, aggressively pursuing what they know to be false allegations in order to teach Mr. Smith a lesson?

These are not rhetorical questions.

Dover Delaware City Police have filed documentation on Tiffany Marie Smith with Beau Biden’s office letting them know they believe her to be guilty of filing false police reports. To date nothing has been done to address their concerns. Is this also because Mr. Smith has filed suit due to the multiple arrests?

The abuse of Gordon Smith through the Attorney General’s office, Delaware State Police, and Kent County Judges Tracy Warga, and Charles Welch, is quite clearly a form of torture. We have to ask, what more do you want from this man? Are you just attempting to extract a false confession so you can close your books and pat yourselves on the back?

After that, how many other individuals will be harried and abused by the flagrant and blatantly obvious abuse of law enforcement resources by individuals like Tiffany Smith; by individuals who know they will never face a consequence for abuse of the system? Are there consequences at all for filing police reports in Delaware, or should Delaware citizens be alerted that anyone may call the police as a method to harass anyone they want, any time they want?

The question is not even whether Delaware State Police, Attorney General, or courts are competent. We must question whether they are morally fit to perform the duties entrusted to them by the people of Delaware.

Abandoned by a criminal justice system that is supposed to offer him protection, and attacked by state officials whose conduct is arguably as or more criminal than his ex-wife’s, Gordon Smith is now a man straining under the weight of abject corruption and injustice.

Perhaps the law in Delaware is just a word in these times, its spirit and intent crushed beneath the weight of official arrogance and corruption. And perhaps the scurrilous agents of abuse are now beyond the reach of public scrutiny or the checks and balances provided by actual rule of law. We can only hope, as we do now, that our efforts to increase public awareness of this travesty over the months to come will result in what the justice system in Delaware has so utterly failed at doing; protecting the rights of a citizen from tyranny.