Beau Biden Supports Criminal Women?

Dean Esmay
August 31, 2012

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, and the fact that even Delaware’s own officials admit that women commonly use false allegations to gain an advantage in family law cases, or for simple harassment purposes, Beau Biden, Delaware Attorney General and son of the Vice President of the United States, not only denies that false allegations are a serious problem in Delaware, but continues to campaign on how much he’s doing to protect women and children (as if women and children are the same thing) and to say nothing about protecting fathers or men of any stripe.

In the meantime, one of the most horrendous cases of false allegations ever documented has been ongoing in Delaware for two years. I and my associate Paul Elam have done a meticulously documented series of reports on the egregious human rights violations against Mr. Gordon Smith by the State of Delaware, and the proven criminal activities of Tiffany Marie Smith in Delaware. We have worked extensively to uncover documents and interview multiple parties and to get the attention of the mainstream press and Delaware law enforcement authorities, to limited but growing effect. You may read how the drama has been unfolding over the last two years here:

Injustice in Delaware, Part I.

Injustice in Delaware, Part II.

Injustice in Delaware, Part III.

…and, while I am still working on finishing up reporting to conclude everything of significance that’s transpired in the last two years in a Part IV, recent events involving another unwarranted arrest of Mr. Smith, on still more allegations now absolutely proven to be false, have been reported here:

Letter to Delaware State Police and State Attorney General.

…with yet another even more astonishing abuse of Gordon Smith’s human rights here:

Cop 101 Lessons for Delaware State Police.

We’re up to 9 arrests on 14 false allegations against Mr. Smith. 5 of the false allegations simply discarded by police as having no credibility. Multiple misdemeanor charges and one felony charge were made. This morning, the phony felony charge was dropped, and attorneys believe that the remaining misdemeanors are also likely to be dropped soon. The judge may also be recusing himself from the case. Though after two years of this non-stop brutalization of Gordon Smith by criminal psychotic Tiffany Marie Smith, a proven perjurer who has also now made multiple proven false police reports, there is still no word on when or if she will answer for those crimes.

The greatest irony of all? It is only through state violation of Gordon’s own basic civil rights that he has been able to prove his innocence. Let no one be confused: if you are a male who stands accused by a female in the United States, you have no civil rights. You do not have the presumption of innocence, you have the presumption of guilt, thanks to the deranged state of various “violence against women” (but not men) laws at the state and Federal level which subvert all basic principles of American jurisprudence and enable female criminals to escape justice. This needs to end. Will Beau Biden be the first politician to step up to the plate and say it needs to end? Will Delaware continue to be part of our nation’s flagrant violation of basic human rights of innocent citizens? Or might Delaware lead the nation in restoring justice to men in this country? Only time will tell, but Beau Biden has an opportunity to let the world know which side the plate Delaware wants to stand on: on the side of human rights, or against?

Time will only tell. But in the meantime, after all our work, we are starting to see the mainstream media reporters finally calling us and taking an interest in the criminal rampage of Tiffany Marie Smith. When you finally do read about it in the news, remember where you read about it first.

And one other troubling question remains, for Attorney General Beau Biden and everyone else: how many men are rotting in jail now, have had their lives ruined, or have outright killed themselves, in response to human rights abuses similar to what Gordon Smith has been put through?