DA Blocks Secret DV Meetings


The District Attorney has warned the Domestic Violence Council that they may no longer hold illegal closed meetings. Letters were sent to  executive board members according to insider sources. Sources requested anonymity.

District Attorney told DVC that future meetings will be monitored. The chair of the executive board, Michele Daniels, is also Deputy District Attorney of the Domestic Violence unit.

In September 2011 two men were the only people excluded from a public DVC meeting. That meeting consisted of Daniels and eight publicly funded contractors. Records of the Department of Public Social Services, confirmed that most contractors exclude men. A survey done for the City of Los Angeles by Shelter Partnership, confirmed this is intentional. While State law and County contracts bar discrimination, the District Attorney confirmed that it does not have the authority to go after such violations.

Board member, Gail Pincus, reflected at the board meeting Thursday. However, she did not regret the secret meetings, instead lamented the fact that anyone would complain. Pincus is also executive director of Domestic Abuse Center. It is difficult to explain how the DAC could possibly be approved for public contract because the site so clearly expresses the intent to violate the non-discriminatory clause of government contracts. More than 50 years after the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Los Angeles seems clueless.

Source: http://cpondv.org/2012/06/da-blocks-secret-dv-meetings/