The Documentary


Brian is attempting to secure funds to produce a documentary about his life. The following is a write-up by Brian of his call to action for funding. Please be sure to come back in the near future as the trailer for the documentary should air in the upcoming weeks.

“Things aren’t always what they seem. I know this probably as well as anyone.

When I was 16 years old, I was just like any other typical high school junior, but I played football for one of the greatest high school football programs in the country. Dozens of colleges were actively recruiting me. I had dreams of playing football in the NFL after college. Then the unimaginable happened. I was accused of a crime, a terrible crime, one that I didn’t commit. A female student accused me of raping her during summer school. I was tried as an adult, convicted, and was locked away for five years and two months. I lost everything: my hopes, my dreams, my entire world.

Now, nearly ten years later, the alleged victim has come forward. She recanted all the allegations against me and explained her reasons for lying. With the help of the wonderful people at the California Innocence Project (, I am on a mission to take my life back.

I need to make this film so I can tell the whole world my story as I experienced it. A story that tells it as it happened, so that everyone who ever knew me can understand the truth. I want to finally set the record straight. Hopefully, my story can serve as a catalyst for change.

I need your help to tell my story to document not only my past, but my future, potential NFL comeback, and my journey towards reinventing my life.

My story is the story of the power of the human spirit. My story is the story of overcoming the greatest of challenges life throws at you. My story is the story of being the best person you can, regardless of the situation life may put you in.

I am asking from the deepest part of my heart, will you help me? I will not be able to do this without you. Thank you and God Bless.”

– Brian Banks