Man destroys his residence with hammer, gets charged with domestic violence

By Morning Journal Staff

May 20, 2012

LORAIN — A 62-year-old man who committed acts of violence against his domecile ended up in Lorain City Jail for domestic violence after scaring another occupant of the house.

Police arrested Raymond L. Smith, of Lorain, after responding to reports of a man shooting inside his house. Instead officers found that Smith had raged against his residence with a hammer after an argument with his girlfriend. Police “took a notice that a majority of the house was found to be destroyed in disarray.”

According to Smith’s girlfriend’s daughter, Smith said he was going to start breaking things if the girlfriend did not return home soon. He picked up a hammer and started smashing windows, televisions and electronic equipment. He flipped tables, broke them and cut up furniture with a knife. The daughter stated she ran out of the residence out of fear, but refused to pursue charges against Smith. An officer signed the charges on her behalf and took Smith to the Lorain City Jail.

Source: Morning Journal