Florida Governor Rick Scott taking much needed action to expose Domestic Violence Coalition executives inflated salaries, lax oversight and failing victim support services

Survivors in Action
May 8, 2012
Survivors In Action supports the efforts of Florida Governor Rick Scott to expose the inflated salaries and the lack of victim support services offered by the funded US Domestic Violence and National Stalking Resource Center. Presently, funding continues to national domestic violence and stalking agencies along with 50 state Domestic Violence coalitions and Partnerships without any oversight or accountability measures in place to ensure victims needs are met. The only ones benefitting from the domestic violence and stalking agencies of today are the executive directors and employees.
In Florida, Survivors In Action has 15 active high-risk domestic violence and stalking victims in need of direct support services in Florida and yet there is no help for them in the state of Florida or any other and funding continues? Other victims give up trying to find support after reaching out for help only to find that no help exists.

All 15 high-risk victims have already reached out to the Florida State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the national domestic violence agencies including NNEDV, NCADV , domestic violence hotlines, National Stalking Resource Center, and the local shelters throughout the state of Florida only to be referred back to the domestic violence hotline or ignored completely. This is the case for domestic violence and stalking victims from across the nation.

Tell Congress to stop funding agencies with tax payer dollars that do not provide direct support to victims and to quit funding the inflated executive salaries of the national, state and local domestic violence agencies and the National Center for Victims of Crime and National Stalking Resource Center.

Source: http://survivorsinaction.org/