Wretched VAWA Excess: Men Paint Their Nails; Taxpayers Pay

By Charlotte Hays

April 9, 2012

This headline appears in the Ball State Daily News:

 Men Paint Their Nails to Stop Violence against Women

The story begins:

Men walking around campus with red painted nails aren’t cross-dressing; they’re taking part in an initiative to stop violence against women.

Painting their nails fire engine red  is supposed to build empathy for women? Well, of course, some women (me, for example) don’t express our femininity through the hue of our nails. On other campuses, male students have been asked to don high heels to stop violence against women.  Go figger.

Unfortunately, the American taxpayer, through money made available through the Violence Against Women Act, is helping stage these meaningful campus events:

 The initiative is funded through a grant the United States Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Office of Women’s Health awarded to Ball State to continue research and initiatives similar to this one.

Jagdish Khubchandani, an assistant professor of community health education, is the head advocate for the grant and has studied the issue closely.

“Last semester, [the Office of Women’s Health] sent out this special request that you could apply for special funding to have a campaign on your campus or in your community for this issue,” Khubchandani said.

Out of 69 applications to receive this special funding, Ball State was selected to receive the grant.

Khubchandani has studied the effects of violence against women in his native country of India as well as the United States. He has been a professor at Ball State since 2010 in the Department of Physiology and Health Science.

“We are asking men to show their support for this issue,” Khubchandani said. “There’s typically one gender abusing women, and it’s male.”

Khubchandani said that in order to get this issue out into the public light, the community must first bring awareness to those who can put an end to domestic violence — the men.

And they will gain this knowledge by painting their nails?

But may we be so bold as to suggest that there are better uses for our money?

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Source: WAVE