Violence Against Logic Act Supporters

By Laura Ingram

April 19, 2012

There is no end to stunts the White House and Dems on Capitol Hill won’t pull to avoid dealing with the economic mess that they have exacerbated over the past 3+ years. On Wednesday we saw a new low in their predictable and tedious exercise in distraction and division–a staged event to resurrect their phony “war on women” narrative.The Violence Against Women Act, which I have previously exposed as a grab-bag of radical feminist giveaways, was at the center of the pitch.Their “argument” boils down to this: if GOPers in Congress don’t vote to reauthorize it, they basically favor the bludgeoning of women across the U.S. Dana Milbank in the WashPo provided this devastatingly substantive analysis: [it’s] a “title that only a fool or lunatic would oppose.” Joe Biden showed up to whisper sweet-nothings about the bill, further illustrating the purely political gamesmanship involved. “Just imagine the moral disapprobation (big word, Joe!) of society if this Congress refuses to reauthorize VAWA,” he pondered.

Funny to hear this Administration mention the word “moral”–but only as it relates to spending billions we don’t have.