Man does more than kiss women’s lips; he bites them off

By Marco Villarreal

April 29, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) — Police say he dates them, then bites off their lips. One woman is speaking to Action News about her horrific experience of abuse and mutilation by the man she loved.

She is doing it to warn others. She’s concerned this man will bite again and the fear is valid. Police have already arrested him on several domestic violence charges and he’s still out there.

“Very funny, charming, nice looking, very nice personality,” says Victoria Silva.

In the beginning, this couple seemed to have a good thing. The 22-year-old Silva met 27-year-old Roberto Flores at work in late 2011.

“He was a nice father figure. That’s what made me think, he could be the man of my life,” says Silva.

She talks with Action News behind a face mask; hiding the scars of domestic abuse and recounting when Flores moved in back in January. That’s when things started getting ugly.

“He started being more of a jealous type of person, aggressive, violent, controlling.”

Soon she got pregnant with Flores’ baby. Despite that she decided to get out of the hostile relationship. That’s when she says her boyfriend lashed out.

“He bit my nose, my bottom lip, and last he bit off my upper lip. I know he probably ate it. We never found it,” says Silva.

Bleeding and in pain, the pregnant mother says Flores took her phone, deleted her contacts, and refused to let her go to the hospital.

“The only way that he actually let me go is under a condition that I wouldn’t press charges on him or say anything to the police,” says Silva.

He threatened her with the life of her mom and her two kids if she said anything.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time Roberto Flores has been accused of gruesomely biting the lips of a woman.

He was arrested near the intersection of Charleston and Decatur Boulevards in December of 2008 for doing the very same thing to his wife.

According to an arrest report, officers found Flores’ then wife Perla Padilla at University Medical Center where she told police he “bit off her entire lower lip, exposing her teeth and gums.”

The district attorney found Flores guilty of battery with substantial bodily harm and sentenced him serve a maximum of 5 years in prison. He got out in seven months.

“I know he’s out there like nothing happened. He’s a really big threat. He’s a dangerous person. Crazy,” warns Silva.

Victoria is afraid that Roberto Flores may already have another girlfriend/victim who may be in danger.

Las Vegas police confirm with us they have a warrant out for his arrest. If you have any information on where he may be, please call Crime Stoppers at (702) 385-5555.

Source: ktnv