Audit Exposes Domestic Violence Shelter Employee Retreat

Maria DiBari

April 17, 2012

Yes, that is true. The Grace Smith House works so hard they needed to go to a Hudson Valley Retreat to get pampered and “brainstorm”. They have been working so hard, it seems they don’t even have time to follow up with our local Dutchess County victim/mom who has been waiting for their call.

Grantee organizations can utilize the time to develop strategic plans, cultivate relationships among their board members and with other nonprofits on campus, re-engage with their mission statement, deepen staff cooperation, and enjoy some much needed peace and relaxation.

Re-engage with this mission statement: When a victim reaches out for help to the same organization that is funded by the county and given many donations by local businesses, the organization should respond. A simple response and basic assistance would work!

Peace and relaxation– what job encourages peace and relaxation? I would personally enjoy giving the Grace Smith House, as well as the other victim service providers in the area and in New York a “strategic planning lesson.”

Here is the lesson: Do your job and assist victims in need. If your business is to shelter, then let’s try sheltering more than 19 women at a time. Do one service right. Follow-up with victims that depend on your funds for their survival.

Recently, I found the Grace Smith House Audit for 2009-2010. This audit is proof of why there needs to be an Oversight Committee to watch over these organizations. Double paychecks being cashed, bonuses, and more for the staff, feel free to read on your own.

At Tri-County Crisis Center, Inc., we have proof and documentation that the services are not working for victims. Victims reach out and there is little to no follow-up with VSPs, no resources available, and victims are finding it challenging to get basic services at all.