VAWA just a costly, destined-to-fail ploy

By Gordon Finley, Professor of psychology emeritus, Florida International University

March 19, 2012

Ever since the Violence Against Women Act of 2012 (VAWA) squeaked out of the SenateJudiciary Committee on a party-line vote, everyone from actors in Hollywood to the New York Times has been bullying members of the Senate to co-sponsor and soon vote for VAWA (“Reese Witherspoon warns kids of domestic violence,” Web, Feb. 29).

The bullying message is simple: If you don’t support VAWA, you are waging a war on women and every woman in America will vote against you in the coming election. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid appears to see VAWA as a political football to get Democrats over the goal line in November.

The reality, however, is quite different from the contentions the bullies make. First, although their voices have been there before, this year more center to center-right women’s groups are voicing their opposition to VAWA. Thus, the battle over VAWA is not really a war on women, but rather a war on a certain group of women – those who are wrong on this legislation.

Second, it must be asked, can debt-ridden America continue to afford to pour money down the rathole of failed gender-ideology programs? Not only has VAWA failed women, but it has placed women in harm’s way because it is based on a false ideological premise. Victims of domestic violence deserve better and are best served by family policies based on sound social science research.

Finally, VAWA is the left’s most powerful weapon to destroy the traditional family and redefine the family as single mothers and their children. VAWA destroys families by removing fathers from the home, denying fathers due process, denying fathers their constitutional rights and severing father-child relationships through false accusations.

Yes, there are matriarchal bullies. However, allowing bullies to waste scarce taxpayer dollars on failed programs is not going to reduce debt, help us turn the corner on the economy, serve victims or save father-child relationships.

Just say no to VAWA.

Source: Washington Times