How Cyberstalkers, Stalkers, and Violent Predators Obtain your Personal Information

Survivors in Action

March 5, 2012
Crime victims are often encouraged or “referred” to enter in to ACP Address confidentiality Programs, change their social security numbers or told to create safety plans yet they have no idea of the biggest danger posed to them in the 21st century and 2012 and that is the datafurnishing industry.

Social Security Administration, domestic violence shelters, and national and state domestic violence agencies such as NNEDV, NCADV and others receive millions in funding and have yet to address the needs of crime victims in regards to privacy protection or to be of assistance to those in need of privacy protection help. This must end in 2012.

To date, Survivors In Action n volunteer agency that operates virtually – (meaning with no office, no paid staff or funding even) has served thousands of victims of stalking, attempted murder, domestic violence and other violent crimes seeking privacy protection assistance ato prevent homicide from across the nation.

There is more work that needs to be done and Survivors In Action and other non-profit agencies like ours are not capable of serving the victims in need without the support of funded agencies in particular those such as NNEDV National Network Against Domestic Violence and the Social Security Administration as well as others. It is time that agencies that receive funding and have paid staff members, executive directors and others on staff and agencies like ours work together  to find solutions to help prevent homicides throughout the U.S and this work needs to begin today.

In the meantime, Alexis Moore has been leading the movement to promote awareness of cyberstalking, privacy protection and specifically information regarding the datafurnshing industry to help ensure no victim is left behind.

How you can help?

Sign the stalking reform petition

Tell Congress to stop funding domestic violence and stalking victim agencies like NNEDV, NCADV, National Stalking Resource Center and others that do not provide direct support to victims.