A Call To Action For Stalking Reform – existing funding needs to be allocated to agencies that will provide direct support to victims

By Alexis Moore

March 13, 2012

Victims of stalking and cyberstalkingneed much more than a referral, but many victims reach out to organizations that receive the ‘lion’s share’ of the funding only to discover that this is the only help available to them. Without access to critical services, more and more stalking victims are finding it necessary to ‘self-advocate’. While this may work for some, other victims that may be up against a psychologically aggressive perpetrator do need outside assistance from advocates that are trained to handle high-risk domestic violence and stalking cases.

It is crucial that existing funding is reallocated to organizations that provide direct and much-needed services for victims in order to prevent further violence, re-victimization and even homicide. There is a solution, but we need public support as we work to make a difference and enact change. Help us as we urge policy-makers to reform the current system and take stalking seriously.

Please sign and share this petition, and if you would like to learn more about stalking or get involved with our reform.

National Stalking Resource Center receives funding yet they are a training center only and do not provide direct support to victims. Help reform stalking victim resources so that no victim is left behind. Ensure existing funding is only allocated to agencies and resources that will provide direct support to victims and not referrals.

Source: Survivors in Action