Domestic Violence Victims Turned Away for Lack of Funding while Agency Executives Profit

Maria DiBari
January 27, 2012

TCCC, a domestic violence and homicide prevention center, decided to do an intake and research resources in FL. The Domestic Abuse Council, Inc. is an agency that advertises emergency shelter, legal counsel, case management and transitional housing for families in need. Once referred to this resource, the victim was referred back to the Hotline by the agency CEO.

“Referring a victim back to a hotline is easy and requires the least effort. Many victims get lost in this “DV Run Around”, which is a term used to describe the constant referral process used by the domestic violence establishment. Victims need advocates that are willing to invite them into the shelter and offer direct services and proper resources, not another hotline number.” Alexis Moore, President of Survivors In Action, Inc.

Many victims across the US reach out to shelters expecting assistance and protection but get pamphlets and hotline numbers instead. As the US Crime Victim Fund increases, shelter executives cash out and continue to do the very minimal-hand out hotline numbers while victims are left figuring out what to do next. This case is one of thousands each year that continue to persist while government funds are dumped into the laps of Directors that need to memorize one hotline number to hand out.

As a victim, it is nearly impossible to obtain assistance after domestic violence. A system that is set up to help the innocent and abused should be efficient, ever evolving, and receptive to the true needs of crime victims. Instead, the US continues to fund a broken system that is so inefficient and antiquated, thousands are being left behind and die trying to survive the abuse and the path to freedom.

The Domestic Abuse Council, Inc. CEO, Cheryl Fuller, like thousands of other domestic violence serivce providers in the United States, refers a victim and family in need back to the hotline. The Council’s mission is to provide comprehensive services to families affected by domestic violence in Volusia County , Florida. After being contacted by a desperate mother and victim that has been overly referred and ignored by domestic violence agencies for 4 years in NYS and FL, Tri-County Crisis Center, Inc. stepped in and started advocating immediately. This victim has reached out to nearly twenty shelters, including Safe Horizon, the richest shelter system in the US, and has been unable to find proper support.