Message From Survivors In Action to Stalking Victims Everywhere

January 9, 2012

Many thanks to the thousands who have emailed support to Survivors In Action and founder Alexis Moore after watching the episode of Stalked Someone’s Watching on Discovery ID. We appreciate your support.

 There is no easy path for stalking victims in the United States or abroad, and for those stalked in the United States today, there is only one way to survive and that is by being your own advocate and doing what is known as “self-advocating”.

Many of you are asking what you can do as victims, survivors or those who love, serve and support them to help. We encourage you to support the reform efforts of Survivors In Action, Tri-County Crisis Center and Alexis Moore and you can do so in a variety of ways. Here are some things you can do today:

•Visit Tri-County Crisis Center web site at and click on “victim complaints” and file complaints with the AG’s office against the agencies that have left you behind including any hotline, shelter, National Stalking Resource Center, National Center for Victims of Crime, NNEDV, NCADV, State Coalition or Partnership etc The complaints help to ensure that the incidents are recorded and documented so that reform efforts may begin.

•Support Survivors In Action, Tri-County Crisis Center, and DV Reform efforts on facebook. You can also follow Alexis Moore on facebook as well visit her web site for more information.

•Write to public officials in your area identifying your personal experiences or families experiences with agencies and others, requesting they get involved with reform efforts to help prevent stalking related homicides by taking action to support resolutions such as re-allocating existing funding from agencies that do not provide direct support to victims to those that do and will.

•Be vigilant. This is the best thing any victim of stalking or those that love, serve and support them can do to help. Document incidents, seek advice of security experts and consultants who specialize in stalking and do your part to ensure your own personal protection and welfare.

The Stalked episode highlighted very well the fact that Ms. Moore like millions of stalking victims every year faced the challenge of helping herself or losing her life. This is something that viewers must realize. There is not presently a funded stalking victim resource agency in the United States that provides direct support to stalking victims. There are many referral agencies, hot-lines and non-profits, but they are not equipped to handle stalking cases or to provide direct support.

However, there is a solution. Because funding exists and it is presently being allocated to agencies that do not provide direct support to victims there is a solution to prevent stalking related homicides and ensure no victim is left behind.

The solution is clear. Allocate the existing funding to agencies and individuals that will provide direct support to victims and do so today. Survivors In Action mission is “no victim left behind”. We cannot do this without the support of others, in particular victims and those that love, serve and support them. Please join us in promoting awareness of the fact stalking victims are being left behind, and to help spread the word that there is a solution that exists today.

 The solution is to allocate existing funding, (nearly 3 million every year to National Stalking Resource Center alone) to agencies like Survivors In Action, Tri-County Crisis Center and others that do and will provide direct support to stalking victims but are not able to do so because of inadequate resources. Stalked related homicides are preventable.

Stalking victims left behind in 2012 should not be accepted. Join us in helping to encourage reform efforts today so that “no victim is left behind in 2012″.