When Battered Women Kill: What Influences Decisions to Prosecute and Verdicts?

National Alliance to End Domestic Abuse
November 16, 2011

This webinar is for all DV advocates, counselors/social workers, and lawyers who want to help battered women accused of killing their abusers stay out of prison! Join us as we explore factors that can influence the decision to prosecute and the jury’s verdict!

● Was the justification for the killing presented as self-defense or insanity?
● Was force directed at the woman when she killed her abuser?
● Could she have retreated from the dangerous situation? ● What was her reputation as a wife and mother?
● Was she verbally aggressive?
● Was testimony regarding Battered Women’s Syndrome presented?
● Were the judge’s instructions on self-defense appropriate to the case?

Join us as Diane Follingstad, PhD, Department of Psychiatry, University of Kentucky Medical School, shares the results of three research studies exploring vignettes and real-life scenarios analyzing these factors and decisions.