New Verizon DV Campaign Uses Same Worn Stereotypes and Half-Truths

November 23, 2011

Here is a Verizon sponsored video depicting the stereotypical domestic violence bias. Please write in and call as well to express your dissatisfaction and ask them to make the necessary corrections. My letter is included here in for reference. We all must act, not just complain. Thank you. ( alerted me to this)

Mr. Bob Varettoni
Executive Director, Media Relations

My letter:

Dear Mr. Varettoni,

I want to commend you and Verizon for forming a hotline for those who are victims of domestic violence. However, the video that I watched and statements that I read were highly inaccurate and very gender biased. It does not portray what is actually occurring with domestic violence.

First of all, why is this video only referring to “she” when it describes those affected by watching violence in the home? Why is there no reference to boys being affected by watching violence in the home? This is nothing but pure sexism and discrimination.

Second, why is there no reference to mothers hitting dads? Over 200 studies have shown that women initiate violence at rates equal to men. Even the CDC reports that women initiate violence 70% of the time in nonreciprocal violent relationships. ( ( Statistics used by the DV industry are skewed usually because they also add rape into the data or they use reported figures. Due to continued bias in education, most men don’t report DV due to the fact no one would believe them, shame, or fear of themselves being arrested. Please view this study of DV in Ireland. It is precisely what male victims deal with. (

I would hope that Verizon Wireless wishes to be viewed as a company that truly wants to help ALL domestic violence victims and that includes the many men that are in desperate need of someplace to turn to. Verizon states, “People need to understand that when they look the other way, they condone this deplorable behavior.” By using these biased and distorted figures and only addressing girls viewing violence and female victims, Verizon is perpetrating the act that they claim to want to end. As a Verizon Wireless customer, I will surely look into alternatives if these inaccuracies and biases are not properly addressed.

Thank you,