National Stalking Resource Center Funded, But Not to Help Victims

Alexis Moore

 November 16, 2011 

In 2009 Alexis Moore referred a victim to the National Stalking Resource Center for assistance. The NSRC receives funding while other agencies providing direct victim services go without. Alexis, President of Survivors in Action, Inc, a national non-profit organization that is not funded, serves victims left behind by traditional agencies such as the NSRC and others. As a volunteer, Ms. Moore has questioned the domestic violence establishment on their lack of services offered to victims. Although these agencies do not directly serve those in need, major sponsors continue to allocate funds to these organizations.

Below is an email written by Michelle Garcia, Director of the National Stalking Resource Center directly to Ms. Moore, a volunteer and survivor trying to assist victims left behind.

From: Michelle Garcia []

Sent: Tuesday, November 24, 2009 7:47 AM


Subject: Clarification

Hey Alexis

I hope you are doing well.

I’m writing because we are working with a victim whom I believe you
referred to us. In the course of our discussions it was indicated that
you referred to the Stalking Resource Center as an organization that is
funded to assist victims of stalking. I want to clarify that we are NOT 
funded to work with victims, we are not a direct service program. We
are funded to train and provide assistance to those (i.e. law
enforcement, victim service providers, prosecutors, etc) who do work
directly with victims.

That said, we do occasionally work with victims, or advocate on their
behalf, as you know. Victims of stalking that are seeking assistance
should initially be referred to the National Center for Victims of Crime
(our parent organization) Helpline at 1-800-FYI-CALL or If the Helpline advocates need more assistance than
they can provide they will work with us at the SRC. 

I hope this clarifies things. Please let me know if you have any

Michelle M. Garcia


Stalking Resource Center
National Center for Victims of Crime

2000 M Street, NW, Suite 480
Washington, DC 20036

Phone: (202) 467-8726

Fax: (202) 467-8701

The NSRC website says that the Victims Helpline ‘is temporarily closed’. Instead, they suggest that you review their fact sheets and brochures that offer tips such as how to keep a stalking incident and behavior log and their safety plan guidelines.

These are great tools, but where do victims actually turn to for help? When a victim reaches the point where they need to call a Helpline, they need real help not reading material. The Stalking Resource Center is a nationally funded program that is unable to service victims or even refer them to another organization for assistance.

They do however, ask for donations to ‘give victims a lifeline’. The website states that $50 provides two hours of support for 6 victims and $200 provides one day of support for 36 victims (and so on). They also offer an exclusive membership package but again, they do not service victims.

It can then be assumed that these funds are utilized for the training that they provide to other organizations, but even their workshop/conferences range between $375-$575 to attend and they include a continental breakfast and lunch. Attendees stay at the Hyatt Regency and are encouraged to ‘fully enjoy their visit to the nation’s capitol’. This event is supported in part through funding from the Office for Victims of Crime, so it’s hard to comprehend how they can manage to organize events like this but are unable to operate a Helpline.

This is unacceptable and one more reason why Domestic Violence and Stalking Reform is so important. Too often, victims are falling through the cracks and not receiving the assistance that they need and deserve.