VII. A Frustrated Lawyer Calls Out a Corrupt Judge: “F*ck you, you nasty bitch.”

By David Feige

The capriciousness of the system is often overwhelming…This is especially true when litigating against an awful prosecutor who has an ally like [Judge Diane] Kiesel on the bench. Then the frustration and powerlessness can become almost too much to bear. It’s those times that we do everything right on behalf of a deserving client and still wind up getting crushed that can drive defense lawyers completely over the edge. That’s certainly what happened to a lawyer I once knew.

Standing in front of a gallery of waiting clients and enervated witnesses, she is rumored to have done what I’ve wanted to do many, many times after a horrible, unconscionable ruling: she looked up at the judge and reportedly said, plain and simple, “Fuck you, you nasty bitch.” It wasn’t under her breath, and it wasn’t the whisper that a lawyer can often get away with. It was loud and proud and impossible to ignore.

“Fuck you, you nasty bitch.”

[The attorney then ran from the courtroom and tried to stop the court officers from detaining her.] She was arrested and charged with criminal contempt for resisting arrest. Within hours, news of the incident had spread like wildfire throughout the courthouse….

The case against her never even made it to court. Instead she was reassigned to a different borough, a traditional solution for lawyers who have, even briefly, gone a little nuts.

Source: David Feige. Indefensible: One Lawyers’ Journey into the Inferno of American Justice. New York: Little, Brown and Company, 2006. Excerpted from Chapter 11. Reprinted by permission.