STOP-VERIFY-REFER to Ensure Domestic Violence Victims’ Needs are Met

Alexis Moore
October 14, 2011

Survivors In Action is receiving an overwhelming response to our DV Reform efforts from victim/survivors, and others reminding us to send out warnings to those who are referring domestic violence victims to agencies to STOP-VERIFY-REFER- to save lives! Victims are being “blindly” referred to agencies and handed out hot-line numbers, shelter information and pamphlets by law enforcement, employers, hospitals, family, friends, co-workers that have no idea whether or not the victims needs will be met by the agency or not. For domestic violence victims this could be life or death. That is why Survivors In Action founder Alexis Moore is reminding everyone to STOP-VERIFY-THEN REFER to help save lives.

Before anyone refers a victim of domestic violence to a hot-line, shelter, or ANY agency, contact that agency or hot-line first and describe the victim’s situation, including their children’s ages (if any), sex, sexual orientation, batterer’s occupation. Confirm this in writing with the agency so that the services are actually available to the victim! Do not expect the victim to be served on an “auto-pilot” referral. Victims are not served they are continually referred or ignored in many, if not all, cases. “Do check before you elect to refer”.