Oversight and Accountability Measures Need to be Enacted to Ensure Domestic Violence Victims are not Left Behind

Alexis Moore
September 3, 2011

Survivors In Action and New York’s Tri-County Crisis Center continue to push for DV Reform (domestic violence victim resource and public policy reform) helping to ensure no victim is left behind.

The DV Establishments of today are failing to address the needs of abuse victims in the 21st century. Victims who reach out for help to traditional domestic violence resources, shelters, state coalitions and partnerships, hotlines and networks are finding that no real help exists. This must change in 2011.

Survivors In Action, national non-profit crime victims organization in partnership with the Tri-County Crisis Center in New York , are joining forces in the push for accountability and oversight of domestic violence victim service providers including domestic violence shelters, hotlines and state operated crime victim compensation programs.

Addressing the needs of the LGBT community along with male victims, military victims and immigrants is part of this campaign, along with ensuring abuse victims with children and victims regardless of the batterer’s occupation have their need’s met is all part of DV Reform.

“Addressing the needs of victims in the LGBT community, male victims, teens, victims of officer-involved domestic violence, immigrants and victims with children of all ages needs to be the priority of our nation’s domestic violence victim service providers”, says Maria DiBari the founder and Executive Director of Tri-County Crisis Center in New York.

“Continuing to fund domestic violence victim service providers that do not ensure victims needs are met is unacceptable”.

“There is nothing worse than knowing that today’s domestic violence victim resources are failing and that nobody in public office is taking any action to do anything about it. Not just women and children are being left behind, there are women, men, children, immigrants, teens, victims of officer involved domestic violence and abuse victims within the LGBT community that deserve equal protections and services and this is what DV Reform is all about.”

Assisting all victims of stalking and domestic violence regardless of race, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or the batterer’s occupation must be the top priority of the domestic violence victim service providers of today. They are funded by the public and private sector and funding is not the problem. The problem is lack of accountability and oversight”, says Alexis A. Moore founder of Survivors In Action.

To learn more about DV Reform and how you can help to bring about change to ensure “no victim of stalking or domestic violence is left behind contact Info@TriCountyCrisis.org support@survivorsinaction.org for more information.

Source: http://survivorsinaction.org/