Woman Lobbies for Laws to Protect People, Animals

The Associated Press
Sept. 26, 2011

A northern Kentucky woman is being honored for advocating for stronger laws to protect people and animals from domestic violence.

Bridgett Wright will receive the Amy Jones Advocacy Award on Friday at the Day of Peace event in Covington, according to The Kentucky Enquirer (http://bit.ly/qhtfIu).

Wright was moved to action after a former co-worker broke into her home three years ago while she wasn’t there and stabbed two of her cats to death.

In addition to sharing her story with various groups and lobbying for stronger laws, she also worked to make sure the man who killed her cats was denied parole last year.

Day of Peace committee chairwoman Tasha Wilder says this year’s event focuses on stalking and pet abuse, which can be hidden forms of domestic violence.

“Bridgett has taken a tragedy in her life, and she’s tried to turn it into a positive,” said Dan Evans, executive director of the Kenton County Animal Shelter. “Hers was the first case prosecuted under Romeo’s Law in Kentucky that made it a felony to kill a domesticated animal.”

Justin Sanders, the prosecutor in Wright’s case, said she has shown a lot of strength since her pets were attacked.

“She was very involved in the prosecution of her case, and she’s done a remarkable job of confronting the man who terrorized her,” he said. “She’s been very brave, very strong, and she deserves all the accolades that come her way.”

Source: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/news/ap/politics/2011/Sep/26/woman_lobbies_for_laws_to_protect_people__animals.html