In January, SAVE launched the Domestic Violence Legislative Project, a national network of groups working for domestic violence reform. In August, SAVE started CAMP – Countering Abuse Misinformation Project – our quick-response strategy for media falsehoods.

And on September 26, SAVE will be launching Campaign 2012, designed to inject domestic violence reform into the upcoming political campaigns. Persons will be going to political rallies, town hall meetings, and so forth, asking candidates their position on a range of domestic violence issues:

Here’s the T-shirt they will be wearing. Campaign 2012 will also involve a national media campaign — radio interviews, press releases, and social media! (Tomorrow, for example, SAVE is scheduled to appear on the G. Gordon Liddy Show:

The media blitz will cost us a pretty penny — each radio interview costs $90 and press releases run around $400 a pop. So this week we’re passing the hat, asking you to make a contribution so SAVE’s message of VAWA reform can dominate the airwaves and overpower all the misinformation.

Here’s the best part: For each and every contribution received by the end of September, one of our donors is willing is double your money. That’s right, send us a check for $90, $180, or whatever amount you can afford, and it will be doubled! (Total matching limit $4,000.)

So send your check payable to SAVE and send to P.O. Box 1221, Rockville, MD 20849. Or contribute by PayPal:

How many times in your life you have been able to double your investment in the bat of an eyelash? What a deal!