DV Awareness Month is About Action and Outreach: Local VSPs Focus on “Awards” and Memorials

Maria DiBari

Dutchess County has been plagued by domestic homicide in the last year. Although the rate of homicide has increased in the county, our local shelter, Grace Smith House, is having an awards ceremony for the “Women of Grace” at the Grandview in Poughkeepsie for DV Awareness Month. Rather than celebrating, and giving out awards to the executives and Board, our local victim service providers should be focusing on homicide prevention. The Grace Smith House also has been focused on marketing their shelter to the public by producing “commercials“. One particular commercial even displays footage of the shelter itself and survivors and children, which in my opinion is not wise, especially for Officer Involved DV cases and for victims that need their location protected.

“It truly is in poor taste to honor anyone for a ‘job well done’ while so many victims and members of law enforcement have lost their lives in the county. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with many of the family members who have lost loved one’s to DV this past year in the area and I could not imagine handing out awards while the domestic violence homicide rate continues to rise in the area,” states Alexis Moore, Director of Victim Outreach at Tri-County Crisis Center, Inc.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Dutchess County should not be about praise but reform. An increase in domestic homicide should not prompt celebration, but reflection and outreach.

”When government funded resources market themselves and reward each other with accolades, taxpayers need to wonder what their money is funding. Many do not realize that “non-for-profit” does not mean that the organizations are run by volunteers, rather, the executives of the establishments are paid nearly six figure salaries and enjoy many perks. In fact, much of the funding that is allocated to the shelters goes towards inflated salaries and never reaches the victims,” Director of Administration, Alyssa Kogon, states.

Tri-County Crisis Center will be sponsoring a DV Awareness forum on October 8, 2011 at Tas Kafe at 504 Main St in Beacon NY. Please join us at 7pm to discuss DV Reform and bring you ideas, questions and solutions. TCCC is the only agency focused on homicide prevention in NYS.

Source: http://mariadibari.com/dv-awareness-month/