Fiscal Year 2012 begins October 1, 2012, and appropriations bills for VAWA have not been approved. This is the current status of bills in the House and Senate:


To date, the House Committee on Appropriations has approved nine (9) spending measures, including the Commerce, Justice, Science (CJS) bill which funds VAWA and VOCA related programs. The CJS spending measure passed in Committee on July 13th and contains $50.2 billion in funding, $3.1 billion below the current level, and $7.4 billion below the President’s FY12 budget request. This amount is also three percent below the pre-stimulus, pre-bailout level of 2008. (Source: House Committee on Appropriations: http://appropriations.house.gov/UploadedFiles/CJSFY12_SUBC_xml.pdf)

The House Committee CJS bill includes $417.66 million for VAWA related programs administered by the Office of Violence Against Women and Office of Justice Programs. The proposed funding level is $3.97 million below the current level, $14.09 million below the President’s FY12 budget request and $75.84 million below the Campaign for Funding to End Domestic and Sexual Assault’s budget request.

• Grants to Encourage Arrest Policies (-$4.88 million)
• National Tribal Sex Offender Registry (-$1.0 million)
• Stalker Reduction (-$2.99 million)
• Protections and Services for Disabled Victims (-$.99 million)
• Safe Havens Project /Supervised Visitation (-$2.31 million)
• Sexual Assault Services Program (+$5.03 million)
• Court Training and Improvements (+2.01 million)
For a full breakdown of VAWA, FVPSA and VOCA funding click here. (Source: National Network to End Domestic Violence).


The Senate, being the deliberative body, has not made nearly as much progress as the House. To date, the Senate has only completed work on the Military/Veterans spending bill. Senators are expected to work aggressively to complete their spending measures before the September 30th deadline.

Source: Adopted from NCADV’s Legislative Update: August Recess Edition